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The Bay to Bay race
On the home page is a nice photo that you took during the Bay to Bay race, I would like to read a run down on the race it self. How about it ?
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Re: The Bay to Bay race
With pleasure.
Actually I did this a few days ago, added a photo (forgot to shrink it) and promptly lost the lot.

The first different thing this year was the welcome at Tin Can Bay Marina and other spots in town. It was great to be able to book a pen in advance and the $20 charge was a bonus. Take note anyone planning a holiday in the Great Sandy Strait. We shared the pen with Touche, Apache and Boxer (the magnificent 1908 Norman Wright design Moreton Bay net boat)
Numbers were strong. 5 RL 28's was more than usual, 4 DK's and 14 SK's was also a good showing in a fleet reported to be around 180 boats. As usual, the festivities in Tin Can Bay, at the Yacht Club and elswhere in the village, were a great prelude to a big weekend on the water. I'm told that the Black Cockatoo Cafe serves great banana fritters. We'll keep that in mind next year.
After last year's problem with a great big stink boat parked in the middle of the start line, the start was shifted a little North to near Carlo Point, where there is a bit more room.
The "usual" south-easter was missing for the third year on the trot so we punched a Nor-easter up to Inskip Point with the help of the outgoing tide. It was a good sail, easing to a tight reach as we approached the bottom of the Strait. About here the breeze became fickle. Some opted to hug the mainland shore to get out of the outgoing tide. Others looked for a lift on the Fraser Island shore. It sort of happened, but in patches.
The red beacon off Tinnanbar was where the day was won and lost. The fleet converged on the mark from about a 60 degree arc and when the leading boats slowed down in their struggle to get clear air, the fleet concertinad. Crews spent most of their time fending off other yachts in the traffic jam that developed. The leg to Garry's anchorage was much kinder as the East-Nor-east afternoon breeze filled in.
Day 2 also featured a new start line, just North of Stewart Island. Again, a bit more room and slightly deeper water. When the race controller runs aground on his way to the start line, the importance of paying attention while talking on the radio becomes apparent.
And we had a South-easter at last!
We managed a sort of OK start and headed off for Sheridan flats. When the photo of Touche and Canuk was taken, about half an hour after the start, there were actually 5 RL24's in line abreast, Mistress and Tigress to port, and Touche and Canuk to starboard. It was great tactical downwind sailing and when we broke free of the pack we felt that big things were ahead. There was only one big thing; a big hole in the breeze as we approached Deep Creek. We parked and watched about 50 boats sail past us.
The rest of the race was a bit of a let down, despite the variable breeze settling in from the North-east. The spinnaker didn't go up again until we were well up the outside of Big Woody Island and we had a great run home.
Look out next year.
Best performed RL's were Shalimar (28), KD (DK) with an honourable mention going to Ataraxia, and Go For It in the SK group. Touche (our cover girl) had her best effort in 10 starts, finishing third in the RL group on PBH.
In all, another great weekend and we'll be back next year with bells on.
Hart Beat

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