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RL28 Clunky Keel
Can anyone help with a suggestion to stop the keel of my RL28 going 'clunk klunk etc ad nauseam' When the boat is at anchor in a rolly swell the keel gets wafted back and forth and is hitting the bottom of the keel box. I've dived under it and noticed there is a teflon (or other material)strip for some of the way along the inside of the box but some may be missing. Is this damaging the hinge bolt surround in the cast iron keel or is there a nylon bush in there. Could this need replacing? How do you drop the keel if I need to to get at it or inspect it? Thanks
Phil Macqueen17-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 
Sloppy Keel
Check out these sites:



I've also seen a method that jacked up the trailer, and then removed the axle to gain access. Undoubtedly whatever you do with an RL is going to be harder than a boat which has a stub showing.

Good luck!

Mat Cox18-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 
clunky keel
If you are moored or anchored you don't need it so just retract it. It works for me. However another RL28 owner suggested that when the boat is moored, with the keel retracted, it is a good move to put a support of some kind between the pin at the bottom of the hydraulic ram and the casting at the top of the keel box. You then release the preasure in the system by selecting "off" at the Hydraulic pump. This means that the whole system is relaxed.
Kevin Russell29-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 
Once moored I pull the keel up a little way... maybe about 20-40cm from maximum draft. It seems to stop any noise... apart from the breathing.
Brendan B30-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 
Noisy keel
Another option is to get used to it. Retracting the keel fully makes the boat rocking more.
Peter Z4-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Help cause my keel klunks tooooo
Some one please help us with noisy keels .mine klunks cruising along at 5knots in the ocean.Can u remove the bolt whilst it,s on the trailer? Is there a bush ? Nylon ? Will it come out easily? Can u buy one off the shelf or does someone have the dimensions? ensorneil@hotmail.com 0407996340 Fremantle WA
Neil Ensor25-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Klunking Keels
I fixed mine now has no klunk at all. Checking carefully, I checked the clearance with the board hard over one side, There was about 7mm space for about half the centre board case length. Made up a piece of 5mm perspex with a cutout slot to drop over the pin. Then pushed it into positon and drilled 6 5/32 holes through case side into perspex. Removed perspex and tapped holes 3/16. Drilled out case holes for clearance. Cut 3/16 screws to length to just clear centre board. Screwed into place with slicone around screws. I was concerned that centre board might jam with sand etc, but no trouble for last two years. Peace perfect peace. No how do you stop the wire humming?
Lynton Bradfprd15-Jun-2002    Edit    Delete 

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