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self tacking jibs
Has anybody got a self tacker setup on their RL24 and if so how did you go about seting it all up?
greg p6-Mar-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: self tacking jibs
I have a traveller just ahead of the mast which I presume is to set up the jib for self tacking. I was going to (try) rig it up for this purpose next time I was out.

Any help appreciated.

I have been doing some research on 'heaving to' and a self tacking jib would make this difficult unless you could inhibit the 'self tacking' capability. Hopefully I never have to 'heave to' in an RL24 but any advice appreciated.

Mike Skinner6-Mar-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: self tacking jibs
My dad has one of these on Lowana VI, you can have a look at St Kilda Marina. It's not much different to what you see on many Noelex's. You need to have a jib smaller than the standard skiff 4m square, given that it needs to sheet from forward of the mast. If setting up for racing, the track probably needs to be curved which would add to the required dollars but for cruising there's not much need. It's worth doing if your sails will fit, or in conjunction with buying a new set, but probably not if it means you have to buy a set of sails just to make it happen. Hope this makes sense.
James8-Mar-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: self tacking jibs
Wish I could see an RL24 with one setup but live in Perth so any photos would be good. Thanks
greg p10-Mar-2007    Edit    Delete 

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