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Status 19
I purchased a Status 19 for $1,000 about a year ago and have been quite flat out since but am now getting into sailing, including crewing in Twilight Sailing on Lake Macquarie.
The number on my sail is 1 plus ths status logo.
Does anyone know what the number signifies,can I trace the history of my boat? Its called the "John B" but will be changed soon to "Beth Baby" in memory of my daughter who passed away a few years back.
Any info on the Status 19 will be appreciated. The length of the boat is like all phallic symbols, the yanks and poms tend to call them Status 20 or is that a different boat all together
I can be emailed direct at cockroach@netxp.com.au
I will post some pictures as the project goes on
steve cochrane16-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 

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