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rl24 keel and reef
I managed to belt a reef at the top end of Curtis Island north of Gladstone during a cruise around last week. I have now a bent keel bolt and a soggy floor. I am sure I have done some damage to the fibreglass around the bolt as well. Can any one tell me if it is possible to remove the bolt and repair the damage whilst the boat is on the trailer. I would prefer not to take the keel out. Curtis Island was beautiful except we found out where all those mossies and sandflies on the Eastern seaboard dissappear to after dusk - every last one of the bastards. Thanks Geoff Mc
Geoff McNamara13-Nov-2001    Edit    Delete 
rl24 keel
If you dont take the keel out, you may not be able to check the centrecase properly for damage.I guess there might be some kind of cracking around the pivot bolt hole or cracked where the centrecase joins the hull. We slid our boat off the trailer onto the back lawn, and hauled her onto her side using a rope from the hounds (mast up). Once she was on her side, it was an easy job to undo the pivot bolt & slide the keel out from the opening - with the help of a couple of strong mates. Once it is out, you can inspect the whole centrecase inside & out properly & make repairs more easily.The other alternative is to prop her up on a cradle & drop the keel straight out underneath. We have tried that, too but it was more fiddly. Good luck Phil Moffatt - "Archer" RL24 no. 51
Phil Moffatt16-Nov-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keel fixing
Thanks Phil It really gives me the willies thinking of the pressure on the hull if the boat is rolled on her side. I bet the neighbours with the bigger yard will be surprised when they see the boat there. Geoff Mc
Geoff McNamara16-Nov-2001    Edit    Delete 
I did not do the work myself but took it to a yard where the keel was dropped while the boat was on stands. I was looking for a leak in the same place you describe but think I found the water to be coming in elsewhere. In my boat, if the sole (or is that soul) is a bit wet then the area between the sole and the inside of the hull also took water. All the best.
Hal Murray - USA5-Feb-2002    Edit    Delete 
Keel bolt
I elongated the hole for my keel bolt thanks to a broken cable. The problem was solved by glassing a sheet of stainless steel to each side of the centreboard case with the bolt through the middle. This was done on the trailer and fixed the leek and realigned the keel to make her sail straight again.
Rick Hopkins30-Nov-2002    Edit    Delete 

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