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RL24 Forestay Connection
I am currently using a snap shackle for fixing the forestay on my RL24. This limits the amount of tension I can use in the rigging to the amount I can pull on the stay when raising and lowering the mast.

Can anybody suggest an alternate type of cleat/shackle or should I tighten the stay after standing the mast and loosen before lowering.

Bob Hancock17-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
G'day We use whats probably a hefty dinghy forestay fitting- a c- section with a row of vertical mutiple holes. The bottom always attaches by schackle pin to the deck eye however the forestay can be pinned up and down the fitting for different tensions. Just above all this is attached a length of 6mm line that passes thru a block near the deck eye and runs back to the winch. We crank this on till the appropriate tension is applied and the bottom schackle pin can be put into the deck fitting. An added benefit; There is enough line to enable some one at the winch to raise/ower the mast in a non dramatic fashion. We locate our boat hook in the base of the mast perpendicular to the mast which enables us to winch it up/ down too...not that its that heavy. I can send a sketch / fitting numbers /photo if you are interested. wayne
wayne hill20-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
Forestay Connection
Wayne Thanks for your suggestion. If it's no trouble could you fax or e-mail a sketch of the fittings you use.



E-mail bobhancock@m140.aone.net.au fax 07 5448 4322

Bob Hancock20-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
Different forestay arrangement
Bob on "Seabird" I have a simple arrangement I find very satisfactory.I use a spectra rope through a block on the bow to raise the mast.I lock it through a cam cleat on the bow temporily.I then insert a small clevis pin through a u shaped shackle on the forestay which secures a flat s/s lever arm atached to the bow;I,m not sure of the correct name of this lever,but I have seen them for sale in chandlerys.The single 1" x 8" flat s/s bar now attatched to the forestay now pivots foreward locking into place between two 1"x 9" flat bars attatched to the bow {or is it vice a verca} This quickly tentions the forestay without any further adjustment required.Allowing me to rig & launch my boat in 20 mins.When i get time I will fax u a drawing.'
Neil Ensor22-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
I have an "sixteen to one" block and tackle in the anchor well. There is a wire strop that goes though the deck and around the "inside" of the boats towing eye. the forestay is attatched to the strop and is simply tightened in the anchor well.. the advantage is that the rig can be adjusted while under sail should conditions change.
dave23-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 

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