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I have recently purchased an RL28 fixed keel version. Before buying the vessel I observed the yacht being very tender in gusty conditions (which prevail in Whyalla S.A.)Trying to find information on how much lead to use safely as a bulb on the bottom of the keel with out putting adverse stress on the keel bolts and cast iron keel. I was anticpating placing around 100 Kg's. Would like feedback on whether this would be appropriate or any other suggestions.
Barry Tiver3-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
There are discussions below regarding the use of the backstay (bends the mast to flatten the sail), cunningham, boomvang, what side the traveller should be set to.. etc. All these will help spill wind as it increases (eg. Flattening the sails by tightening the backstay and pulling down on the cunningham).

Best to try using these first in fresh winds and see how you go.

Brendan B8-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 

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