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Lowering mast
I have accepted a price to sell our RL28 and she will be going to Qld on a truck.

Can anyone advise the best and safest way to lower and remove the mast for transport.

Rob Roseworne10-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Lowering mast
There are several recommended methods on the Tips and Modifications pages.
I just use an A frame made of two timber studs about 2.4m long with a single bolt through one end about 20 cm from the top to join them to make an "A" . Drill holes in the other end and tie through these to the stantions adjacent to the mast on either side. Then tie the top of the "A" to the bow and to the traveller so it will stand unsupported.
Run a rope from the bottom of the forestay, through the anchor fairlead and back to a sheet winch.
Slowly lower the mast until the forestay can be placed in the top of the "A" frame. Now the A Frame will help take the weight as the mast becomes more horizontal. Have someone tall standing on the cockpit seats to grab the mast when they can reach it.
This is a good method for the very-occasional mast lowering but takes too long to setup for trailed boats.
Keith Merkley10-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 

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