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Running back stays
Hi All, I have a mk 2rl24sk. It has an un tapered mast and runing back stays which are tensioned by a lever on each side of the boat.
the shrouds and back stays all terminate at the same point on the mast so I can' see that there would be any bending affect on the mast.
My father used to tension the windward back stay and leave the leeward one loose. This would help to take some of the load off the shroud and necessitates swapping levers as one tacks.
my fear is that by leaving both tight I would not be able to let the main sheet go in the event of a strong gust as the boom and main sail would rest up against the leeward backstay.
Is this the correct way to use the back stays?
one day I intend to update the whole rig but at present the $$ are prohibitive.
Thanks in advance for your advice.
Michael Thorn.
Michael Thorn6-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Running back stays
Your description of the back stays does not mention whether the rig has a back stay to the top of the mast which would be used to bend a fractional rig helping to flatten the mainsail.

I assume the running back stays are attached about 3/4 up the mast near the fore stay and shrouds.

Running back stays increase the rig tension in the jib allowing the reduction of sag in the fore stay as wind pressure increases. This has the effect of flattening the jib and reducing pumping in the mast due to pressure changes. The running back stay can also take load when the spinnaker is flying.

Generally the running back stays do little in light winds but become more significant in supporting the mast in heavier winds.

It is normal to only use one running back stay at a time.

I cannot advise specifics on your rig, it sounds like a setup that needs some adjustment as winds change which can be fun when you figure it out and get it correct. If in doubt the sail makers sites have excellent advise on handling different rigs, search on Google and you should find heaps of good information.

Greg7-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 

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