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Status 580 class rules: thanks Alistair
Thanks for your feedback Alistair on the proposed update of the Status Class Rules.

Back stays: I think it is reasonable for sailors to have added sail controls to their boats if these items were not restricted in the original Status 19 Rules. But, I don't think the designer was thinking about a back stay when he designed the roach of the main.

Keel flaps: I don't think keel flaps shoulds be allowed for two reasons: The CBH measurements are higher for boats with flaps or fairing around the swing-keel slot. Sailors with access to lifting gear are advantaged; it would be almost impossible to maintain keel flaps while a boat is on the trailor. Thus, I don't think keel flaps are reasonable.
Laminate sails: The new rules 1/1/07 allow the main and jibs to be of any fabric, material, sheet, lamination, etc., whereas the spinnaker must be of woven nylon.

Any further ideas?
Thanks again.
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Re: Status 580 class rules: thanks Alistair
Phonse, I think you will have a hard job to convince owners who have keel flaps to remove them.also I think that the proposed restrictions are too restrictive, bearing in mind that none of these boats are less than 13 years old, and some over 30 many of which will have been modified over their lifetime. Also considering that not a great many boats were built altogether,to get a viable class going you will need to enrol as many of the boats that are out there as possible.With this in mind, I think that the rules should be as flexible as possible. as far as the rig is concerned, I think all that is necessary, is a maximum sail area.

Ray Earley
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Application Form for YV CBH Rating

I agree with everything you have stated so far, but as I am not a Status owner I will not be voting.

I have pasted a CBH application form obtained from the YV web site ( click on Committees then the Trailer Yacht button).

I suggest you contact the CBH committee chairman first and check him out on the possibility of the Status 580 being given a CBH number!

Gary Maskiel who is a hot cat racer here at the GLYC and whose father owns a Status 580 was telling me that the Formula F16 class was set up over the internet. The Ozzies, Poms, Dutch and Yanks did it all at no cost. All rules where discussed and decided on by Polls, before becoming set. So you are on the right track Phonse.

I was thinking if you could get six starters you could have a three race Status class event here in Paynesville during our Easter regatta.

Class Basic Handicap
Measurement Application Form

Name of Applicant: ____________________________________________
Address: ____________________________________________
________________ _________Postcode: __________
Telephone Contact: Work ___________ ___Home: ___________________
Mobile__________ _____Fax: ___________________
Email Address: ___________________________________________
Position of Applicant:___________________________________________
(eg. in Club or Association, manufacturer or agent, private owner)
Class of Boat: ________________ Name of Boat: _______________
Sail Number: ________________ Year built: __________________
Designer: ________________ Design Date: ________________
Name & Address of ____________________________________________
Owner (if not applicant) ____________________Postcode: __________
Email Address: ________________________________________________
Is a set of class rules attached? Yes No
If not, have class rules been established? Yes No

Applications much be submitted by the 1st of October for the following 12 months. Handicaps may be allocated after this date at the discretion of the Committee.

Applications to be returned to:

Yachting Victoria
P.O. Box 83

Appendix 3
Class Rules / Supplementary Measurement Information

Name of Class: ____________________________________________________

This questionnaire sheet is taken from the guidelines issued for the preparation of class rules. Where class rules do not exist (such as where there are only a few boats of a particular type and there is no association) the owners of the boat presented for measurement should endeavour to supply as much of the information as possibly. It should be noted that the questionnaire has an alternative title of Supplementary Measurement Information and it is suggested that the information should be supplied by Classes even though it may not be listed at the present time in the official class rules. It should be noted that the numbering system is based on the guidelines and as the first measurement listed in the guidelines is number 4, the same numbering system has been used in the questionnaire. All measurements should be supplied in millimetres and weights in kilograms.

4. Hull and Deck

4.1 Construction Materials Allowed

a) Hull Marine Ply Solid GRP
Other (please specify) ____________________

b) Deck Marine Ply Solid GRP
Other (please specify) ____________________

4.2 Dimensions (Attach diagrams with dimensions if possible)

LOA _____________ LWL ____________ MAX. BEAM _______________

If Skeg, or shoal keel etc., please specify ___________________________

Approx. shape and dimensions ___________________________________

4.3 Other hull/ deck prescriptions, if applicable.
(if your class has mandatory deck layout, specify)



4.4 Ballast
Keel weight _________________ Describe (eg. lead shot, torpedo, solid lead in steel keel, etc.) _________________________________________________________

Internal ballast weight ____________ Describe (eg. steel punching, lead, etc) _________________________________________________________

4.5 Waterline marks location (there were marked on boat remeasured)

Bow (eg. 55 cm from top of bow) ______________________________________________________
Stern (eg. 75 cm from top of stern) ______________________________________________________

4.6 Weight

Total minimum weight as per CBH requirements for measurement ______________________________________________________

If available, please specify separately weights of

Hull __________________ Deck _________________________

5. Centreplate

Type: Swing
Bilge Drop Swing

Other (specify)_____________________________________

Shape: Aerofoil Flat Plate Other (specify) ______

Max. thickness _________ Width _________ Length ______

Method of raising and lowering, describe (eg wire winch, hydraulic ram, sheet winch, electric winch etc.) ________________________________________________________

If bilge, can keels be raised separately? Yes No

If swing, (or swing bilge), do class rules allow flaps or other devices to block off hole when keel is in down position? Yes No

Describe ____________________________________________________


6. Rudder
Type: Swing Dagger Other (specify) __________
If options allowed, specify ______________________________

Shape: Aerofoil Flat Plate Other (specify) _____

Max. thickness _________ Width _________ Length _______


7. Masts and Spars

7.1 Mast

Shape: Round Pear Shaped

Section dimensions:
Fore & aft ________________ Width _____________
Gauge ________________ Section size _________
Tapered Yes No Length _____________
7.2 Boom
Shape: ___________________________________________________
Section dimensions: width _____________ thickness _____________
Gauge _____________ section size ___________
Length __________________________________
7.3 Spreaders

No. of: __________________ Length __________________________
Other specifications _________________________________________

7.4 Spinnaker pole Length _________________________________

8. Rigging (diagram should be attached)

8.1 Standard Rigging

Describe (eg single fixed backstay, upper masthead shrouds, lower shrouds, 7/8 forestay) and show measurements where attached to mast and hull.

Running backstays fitted? Yes No

Twin headsail foil or other similar devices allowed? Yes No
Describe __________________________________________________

Variable tension devices allowed on backstay? Yes No
Describe __________________________________________________
8.2 Halyards: Internal External

8.3 Location of spinnaker ring _________________________________
(eg 1 metre from deck)

8.4 Height above deck level of spinnaker halyard block (ie measurement)

8.5 Black Bands (mandatory from 1984/85)
8.5.1 Mast distance apart (inner of both bands V underside of top mast band to inside of sail track when boom fitted) ___________________________________
8.5.2 Boom (foreside of black band to foreside of mast track) _______________

9. Sails

9.1 Mail and Headsails
Note measurement taken from remeasured boat V notify if any variations exist (suggest check class measurements for foot and luff).

Main Genoa Spinnaker

Max. area ___________ ___________ _________
Luff ___________ ___________ _________
Foot (spin max width) ___________ ____________ __________

If only largest headsail specified in class rules and no restriction on size or number of smaller sails, specify (ie number of sails allowed, etc)

9.2 Spinnaker: Foot _______ Luff _______ Max. width __________
Cut allowed (if no restriction, please state) _______________________________

9.3 General

If any other restrictions in class rules such as material type, material weights, second smaller spinnaker etc. specify ______________________________

10. Optional devices

Any devices specified in class ruoles, eg S:1 boom vang, mainsail reefing, barber haulers job, spinnaker, flattening reef on main (slab foot), rotating mast, life lines mandatory in class rules etc.

11. Prohibitions

Any devices etc. not permitted, eg. Rotating mast, trapeze (not permitted in trailable yacht races), keel must be kept locked down, etc

12. Internal fittings/ furniture/ buoyancy

12.1 Specify any requirements mandatory in class rules, eg four bunks, sink etc (note Trailable yacht requirements in definition of Trailable yachts)

12.2 Buoyancy V if required in class rules, specify and describe (eg. Front and rear sealed air tanks, foam [amount and location] etc)

13. Other requirements of class rules not specifically asked for above


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