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Upgrading outboard RL28
Iam having to replace my outboard due to corrsion. Currently i have a yamaha 9.9 4 stroke. Is there any advantage going to 15 HP.
Russell24-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Russel, sorry to see a slow response to this question I know other RL28 owners have upgraded recently and should have something to say. Unfortunately I am an RL24 owner and not able to talk in detail about the RL28.

Perhaps some information about where you sail, whether your current installation has electric start, sail drive propeller, remote controls and tilts into the well would help start the thread.

I had a couple of 10hp Yamaha 4 strokes in the late 80s, the performance was great but the insides of the leg rotting in the salt water meant we had to trade them in every 2 years. It was a commercial application but Yamaha needed to improve their corrosion resistance.

One acquaintance I know went the the 15hp Honda for the charging capacity. Honda's lack of high thrust props on some models sucks.

I wish I had an RL28, my guess is I would be happy with a smaller 4 stroke or two stroke Mariner with high thrust prop. They are noisy and vibrate but they pull like a train. Electric start is nice to have.

Check whether any outboard you buy has an optional exhaust extension to take the fumes out of the engine well, the old Yamaha's had an option that worked great keeping the fumes out of the cockpit. Warranty and in particular corrosion warranty is important. If you use a pen or mooring be sure the anodes are in the water when penned.

A lot of the new outboards are bigger than past models and won't fit in the well, through the slot or under the tiller so do check dimensions carefully before paying.

The Yamaha high thrust prop was fantastic, you will have fun finding a leg that bites the water like the old Yamaha.

Greg27-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Greg, Thanks for the tips. The exhaust extensions is something i will look into. I in sail Moreton Bay, I'm setting the boat up for coastal cruising so bar crossings is something i need to consider.
russell27-Dec-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Hi Russell / Greg,
I upgraded the Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke in my RL28 about 3 years ago when the old 1990's (white) Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke went to outboard heaven. i.e. the head corroded through. Some comments:
* the new Yamaha 9.9 4 stroke is a great match to the boat - large prop with good thrust and VERY economical (10 - 15 litres to cross Moreton Bay and back). Speed is about 7-8 knots max
* the new motor was a incompatible with the old in the following areas:
> the transom bracket and clamps were not big enough to go over the transom - solution grind out some transom wood to make it thinner
> spacing of the transom bolts was different from the old white motor - redrill them
> grey motor was bigger in the powerhead than the older 1990's white 9.9 - grind away some fibreglass in the engine well behind the powerehead
> new motor did not have a tiller throttle / tiller shift - needed to fit the remote control to the side of the cockpit
> manouvering the new motor into the well was a challenge - very tight
> the motor I bought was NOT the long-shaft. A long shaft version would have been a pain over shallow banks etc
* maximum hull speed of the RL28 may be the limiting factor rather than power available, so I'm not sure the 15hp would go any better than the 9.9hp
* the 9.9hp 4 stroke is very quiet, and not "2-stroke smelly / fumey" which is great when motoring down wind
* the battery charge from the 9.9 4 stroke is good - about 5 amps
* any outboard in an RL28 benefits greatly from a simple modification - re-route the tell-tale pipe of the water pump to pump forward into the cockpit rather than where it cannot be seen in the engine well - great when flushing and on hot days!

Hope these comments are of interest....

Phil Gardam5-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Hi Phil
After looking at many differant outboards I have narrowed down to two. A yamaha 9.9 and a Honda 10. The Honda 10 like the yamaha comes standard with a high thrust prop(4 blade) and has a feature called "exhaust relief" which allows the prop to obtain greater purchase. You mentioned remote control. Do you think remote control is better or worse than tiller control? Russell
Russell6-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Hi Russell,
The only real difference I found was the need to take up space in the cockpit with the control box and the messy cables which loop to the motor. I ran these cables through the self-bailing hole from the cockpit - which is probably not ideal if I were to take a heavy sea over the stern as draining time would be reduced. Mounting the control box was relatively painless - against the cockpit wall of the port stern locker. Cheers, Phil.
Phil Gardam8-Jan-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
My RL28 has a Honda 4 stroke older model which seems to work ok I am thinking of upgrading to either 15 or 20 new honda later in year both motors have the same dimension and mass and it seems to be similar to the older honda motor
ken26-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 
Re: Upgrading outboard RL28
Hi Ken, the Honda 10 in the end was my choice. I know another RL28 owner who fitted a Honda 15. One of the problems he encountered was he had trouble controlling the boat speed. In gear at idle his boat speed was about 3 knots. This made manoevrability in marinas difficult.
Russell11-Mar-2007    Edit    Delete 

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