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Gunter Rig
Has anybody fitted or thought about fitting a gunter rig to a RL28 so that when the mast is lowered it would not project beyond the rudder which would save shifting the mast forward when towing.
My sailmaker has said that there would be very little loss of performance with this rig. What do you think?
kingsley & Kay White25-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Gunter Rig
The gunter rig can be reasonably efficient, I built a little boat for myself a few years ago, so that I could go for a sail in the evenings, the problem was that there was a bridge with only 4 meter clearance, and with that rig it was possable to sail up to the bridge ,then lower the gaff to the deck, and keep sailing on under, then re hoist on the other side. On the RL28 you would have to resort to hoops or lashings on the mast,and they are a pain when they jamb. However I did like being able to lower the mast top in a blow, and stowing and raising the mast was a breeze. Worth a try, and a mainsail would be easy to alter to suit.
Rob26-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 

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