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CBH and sail choices
I sail in a mixed fleet at Canberra. I am using the standard (skiff) sails and find it lacking in light air. Does anyone know whether oversize sails (jib) are allowed inside the CBH. I have a 120% jib but don't know whether to use it.
Matthew FRANCIS29-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH and sail choices

All the State CBH rating systems are in a mess at the moment and true CBH racing as we have known in the past appears to be on the way out.

I would measure your current jib and main and the new larger jib and approach your club handicapper/Sailing Captain in Canberra and ask for a modified CBH club rating based on the increase of sail area over 20 Sq metres. You have not stated which model of RL24 you have, so I suggest you ensure your boat complies with the 1989 version of the class rules (They are in this web site in the RL 24 area). I would put a copy of the rules in with your submission.

Do you race against 'Big Deal' up there in Canberra?

Alastair Russell2-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH and sail choices
Funny you should ask - I AM Big Deal from Canberra. Boat is going very well and has attracted good comments. As yet I am the only RL24 that sails on Sundays but it appears that "Alex" may be coming soon to help raise the tone of the club.
Thanks for the info, Alistair. Looks like the short answer is "no". I'll just pray for more wind.
Matthew Francis2-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH and sail choices

I’ll be blowed! I know that jib you want to use! When the RL24 class folded at Port Kembla Sailing Club in the middle eighties, Dick Voller took ‘Big Deal’ out of class and raced her re-rated as a modified RL24. If I remember right he kitted her out with your bigger jib and a bigger spinnaker so that he could mix it with the new breed of faster trailer yachts that were being produced then.

I met you in Paynesville the day you bought Big Deal and towed her away. Tell me, did you have any problems getting home to Canberra that day? It was a long drive and the tyres and the wheel bearings on the trailer had not been used much for many years!!

alastair3-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: CBH and sail choices

It was an interesting drive home. The wheel bearings were fine but, of all things, the tyres ran a bit hot. Made a good excuse for a lunch break. What was more of a worry was the thunder storm that followed, blowing a number of large tree branches down onto the road. A few tense moments but no harm.

Matthew FRANCIS3-Nov-2006    Edit    Delete 

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