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Status Slipstream
Status Slipstream "micro" I am the new owner of this lovely little yacht and am seeking some rig dimensions and as much info about the rig as possible. My boat has a cut down elliott 780 double swept spreader mast, and I am looking to fit an A-sail and bow pole to her. Has anybody seen or heard of anyone modifying these hulls and what sails did they use. Regards Stirlo
Nick Stirling12-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Slipstream

All The Status Slipstream class dimensions are in Yachting Victoria’s web site. Click on the Divisions tab then click on Victorian Trailable Division then on CBH handicaps then on detailed CBH and then look at the figures for the Status Slipstream.

You could maybe also contact the Canberra Yacht Club and try and get in touch with the person there who was selling the moulds. I think he is the only boat fibreglasser in the ACT. I was told that he also had the moulds for the contender and the flying dutchman.

I remember racing against the prototype Slipstream in NSW TYA races way back in the early eighties. She was a light air rocket machine but when the wind kicked in she was uncontrolable. She had a hot shot crew on board then and yet even they had trouble keeping her flat going to windward and down wind they also had problems handling her with her very big spinnaker!!!

I reckon trailer yacht CBH racing is at the point of colapse at the moment and I think the only way to go is your way, which is the sports boat way. I am thinking though maybe your choice of boat is not the best?

Alastair14-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Slipstream
Thanks for your help with the dimensions, they will be a big help.
The exact measurements differ slightly from mine but not a great deal. The A-sail I will be fitting is smaller than the mast head spinnaker currently fitted so should be a little bit better for short handed cruising. Thanks again for your help.
Regards Stirlo
Nick Stirling21-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 

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