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RL24 Class Rules - Outboard Size for racing
I am looking at entering my RL24 Mk 3 in the summer series of races at the Canberra Yacht Club. I have never raced the RL despite owning it for over 20 years (refit in progress - just racing for fun!). What sort of handicap should I expect for a Mk 3 with a cruising interior and what are the rules on the outboard size? I have read several posts that mention 6-8 HP but the most recent class rules don't seem to specify it. I was initially going to replace my stolen outboard with a 6HP Tohatsu (thanks for all the responses on that question), but the local dealer and pricing once I fitted the full charging kit made the Honda 5HP much cheaper ($100s). The weight of the two outboards is nearly identical which I thought would be the prime consideration for class rules. Can anyone help clarify what the rules on outboard size for racing are?

Thanks for your help,

Alex10-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Class Rules - Outboard Size for racing
Alex, this is usually governed by what "Category" is applied to the regatta by the organisers. They will tell you this in the Notice of Race or Sailing Instructions. It could well be that in an "Inland Waters" regatta, you are not required to carry one at all. The horsepower is not usually specified but must be sufficient to push the boat along in bad weather. A 5hp Honda will be fine especially on Lake Burley Griffin. As for the handicap, it will depend on whether you are a swing or a drop keel and what your state authority applies to each of those. Good luck and have fun.
James Shannon10-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Class Rules - Outboard Size for racing
Search through google using ‘TYA of NSW and ACT’ and you will find their web site which will give you the ‘info’ you are asking for.

The TYA of NSW and ACT gives the RL 24 a rating of .751 for drop keel and .715 for swing keels and you are required to carry an outboard in the operating position although it may be tilted or lifted to remove the propeller from the water whilst racing!!! They also state that all races are to be Category 6 events unless stated otherwise in the Notice of Race.

Which version of the rules are you referring too? You have to be careful as it appears that the States use different versions of the rules! The current version used at national titles bans any changes to the swing keel centreboard box in the swing keel division. Your swing keel centre board box must be original as built by the builder so during your refit do not change or modify your centreboard box!

Alastair11-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 

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