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Taking water - your comments appreciated
Since I purchased my RL24 I have had a problem with water getting between the soul and inner hull. I spent a lot of money having the keel pulled and the keel slot re-glassed as this was the obvious source of the water. Well, it was not.

After much looking, seems the water is or may be coming in on the port side on the same plane where the motor is mounted - - but not in the motor well per se but further port-side. On my boat there is PVC pipe that runs from the stern-port to starboard all the way mid-ship. This is used for getting electric to the stern. When this PCV pipe was glassed in, it was done poorly and there is a hole below the PVC pipe. I think this hole leads to the area between the soul and the hull. My RL24 was built in the USA so I do not know if things are different with the "original" boats.

Has anyone else had this problem? Do the RL24s built down-under have this PVC pipe coming from port and starboard to mid-ship for electric? I am in the middle of re-glassing this entire area. Any comments would be appreciated.

Hal Murray (in the USA)2-Sep-2001    Edit    Delete 
Fill the area with expanding foam once you have fixed the leak. Many boats here now use foam under the cockpit sole and also in the bouyancy tank under the anchor well. An easy way to find the leak is to use a vacuum cleaner in reverse. have it blow into the problem area and seal the hole you use. This will slighlty pressurise the tank. Then pour soapy water over ever joint you can find. Once you find bubbles you will have found the leak. .
dave4-Sep-2001    Edit    Delete 

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