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RL28 Anchor rope
Has anyone used 12mm Kinnears PE silver rope with a minium breaking strain of 1.49Tonn on a RL28 currently I am using 5/8 silver rope with unknown breaking strain. I used 10mm silver rope on a RL24 & brought a roll of 12mm to replace it but never got around to making the change so was wondering if this rope would be strong enough for a RL28 using 10M 5/16" chain as well
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Re: RL28 Anchor rope
According to my sources, 12 mm silver rope has a breaking strain of 1090 kg. That's not Kinnears brand, just commercial grade "silver" polyethylene. I personally don't think there is much difference between brands.
Even at the lower 1090 figure, that should be adequate assuming the rope is in good condition. You aren't trying to lift the boat, just trying to hold it against wind and tide. Exposure to UV light is the real killer for these products, so if the boat is stored out in the open it isn't good for any synthetic rope products.
In a Cyclone it would be a different story. In that case you would be up a creek with as many ropes as you could find tied to as many mangrove trees as you could reach and not simply relying on one piece of 12 mm silver.
If you have doubts, splash out on a coil of 14 mm (1350 kg)
Should be under $150. That's pretty cheap peace of mind. Keep the 12 for that Cyclone situation.

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