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RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
I am buying a new outboard to replace the trusty old Suzuki 8hp someone decided they needed more than me (must have been desperate, I've owned it for 20 years and it was 2nd hand then). I have read all of the posts on outboards and will be measuring everything carefully. It looks at this stage that size and price are leading me to a Tohatsu 6hp, 2 stroke or 4-stroke (similar price). Does anyone have any experience with Tohatsu outboards in an RL24?

Thanks for your help,

Alex Gibbs4-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
We've owned Tohatsu outboards since 1983. Excellent machines, reliable with plenty of power. I think the 8 might be the same weight as the 6. Worth looking into.
Mike4-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
Tohatsu Mercury and Mariner are all the same outboards branded differently.

I bought the 5hp Mariner because Mercury (they sell Mariner brands) change the propellor to high thrust as part of the new purchase price. I needed to wait for a few weeks to get the high thrust prop delivered on the short shaft.

Tohatsu did not offer a high thrust prop and I would have needed to buy one from mercury for over $200 to put on the Tohatsu. The Tohatsu dealer in Melbourne was hopeless and did not even get back to me with a price after I visited them at the Melbourne boat show.

I ended up buying the 5hp two stroke SS Mariner with high thrust prop and charger from Hurreys in Mordialoc Melbourne because he had an old stock one he discounted to move.

I am happy with the two stroke but believe the 4 stroke is also good for RLs.

I really liked the Honda and would probably buy a Honda if going 4 stroke due to its lower vibration.

I have a late model RL24 with the mounting crossmember forward. The Mariner 5hp with high thrust prop just tilts inside the transom. I do not believe the 6 hp will tilt inside my transom because the gearbox and propellor are larger than the 5hp.

The 5hp has heaps of power for the RL, I believe the new 5hp outboards have more efficient propellors which makes them as good as older 6-8hp outboards. The lack of high thrust in reverse with the little 5hp Mariner means I am careful not to rely on reverse to keep me out of trouble.

Greg 4-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
I have been using a 3.5 Tohatsu for my RL24. It works well and drives the boat along at 5 knots. It is also much lighter than most outboards. The RL has a narrow stern and does not like any weigth in the ends.
Brad Taylor5-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good? Dream On Dumptruck
Soon after I bought my RL24 I decided that the 6 hp 2stroke 76 model was not dependable (parts unavailable) (Big or small an engine must perform when you want to)I fitted a Tohatsu 6 4Stk. Has given absolute dependability even when pressed into duty in the worst conditions. It gives ample power and gets to hull speed easily with some throttle to spare and is low on fuel a thimble vs a cup full for the old 2sk and no stinking smoke sickies. The dealer exchanged/fitted high thrust prop (7.8x.7) (pitched to turn faster /higher engine revs at low displacement hull speed allows engine to get higher up the torque curve)as part of the package. To make sure it would fit I took the boat and installed it at the dealer's on a trial basis. It is tight but fits well. I place asmal packer 1 cm high on the top edge of the transum to gain a little extra clearance. Fitting bombay Doors was the next step so when sailing no drag = +1.5 knts. With inboard well and the motor mounted further forward for sailing you will really appreciate this when wave action would have the equivalant transum mounted motor cavitating like crazy. Dependability Tip all motors = the air vent screw on the fuel tank should be closed when engine not in use as day/night temperatures changes cause air to enter and leave the tank due to expandsion/contract. This leaves a minute amount of water (condensation) behind in the tank each day which eventually plays havock with the low speed idle. Opening the float bowl drain screw can get rid of the water and fix the idle. The water is corrosive and gunks up the idle jet which may need removal and cleaning. Next time the tank is empty dry it out in a sunny place (no N/flames please) Happy and safe RL'ing
Garry Carr 5-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
I have had a 5hp 2 stroke Tohatsu for many years and it is still going strong.
However I wanted more grunt and speed for Morton Bay and last year bought a Tohatsu 9.8 2 stroke. Very light 27kg and with tons of power. I had to cut the well hole bigger on the front edge and it is a tight fit but it works well. Definately a Tohatsu fan.
Small size Mercury and Mariner moters are Tohatus with different badges. In the USA nissan outboards are Tohatsus.
David6-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
I have to make comment about Gary Carr's advise about closing breathers on fuel tanks when in storage.

Soon after buying my new 5hp Mariner I had trouble with the fuel pouring out the carburetor when tilted in storage. The boat was in the direct sun and the vapour pressure of the fuel was pressurising the fuel system and pumping fuel into the engine. I had been closing the vents on both tanks with the fuel line connected to the outboard.

After discussions with the dealer he advised opening the motor tank vent because it was realy only for when the outboard was being carried. We opened that vent and the main tank pressurised filling the smaller tank until it overflowed. We tried different positions on the cock the feeds the carburetor to no avail.

Eventually both breathers were left open and the cock was replaced because there was suspicion the pressure had damaged the cock.

Since leaving both breathers open I have had no problems with fuel spilling out the carburettor.

I agree condensate is an issue, it is best countered by keeping tanks full. It is also important to avoid holding fuel in the tanks too long.

The breathers are intended to be closed only when transporting the tank. Closing them when in long term storage could cause harm.

Greg 6-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
look at motor weights before deciding, there is a big difference from 2 to 4 stroke, almost double. lifting on and off can be a pain.
brad7-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Outboard - Tohatsu any good?
Motored down From Manly to Runaway Bay for Wintersun Regatta last weekend. (67km), 9.8 2 stroke Tohatsu Pushing RL24 mk3. Achieved 7.2knts average speed on gps with a fuel consumption of 17 litres. Flat waters about 10knt winds. (5 RL24's and 1 RL28 entered out of a fleet of approx 45 yachts)
David16-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 

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