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Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
I want to order some new sails for my Status 580. I would like to be able to confidently give my sailmaker the correct dimensions, especially for the main as I think the boltropes have shrunk. Also interested in yardsticks that individual boats sail to in their clubs or regattas. Please send information. Cheers.
Phonse O'Bryan31-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.

I would have thought that a Status 19/580 owner would have come to your aid by now!

I am a RL 24 owner and I remember a big class of status19’s racing at Oak Flats Sailing Club on Lake Illawarra in NSW in the early eighties. I don’t think there is a national class association and therefore no one would have applied to Yachting Victoria for a national ‘off the beach’ yardstick number. As the status 19 does not meet the trailer yacht requirements as laid down in the current YA rule book, you cannot obtain a TYA CBH rating.

I remember the Status 19 owners at Oak Flats getting together in the early eighties to increase the size of the jib and spinnaker above that recommended by the builders. They ordered as a job lot, nine, bigger sized foresails from a sailmaker in Sydney and later on the spinnaker size was raised from 19.5 to 22 sq metres. I remember they did not like our RL 24 Trailer yachts with accommodation beating them over line!

There are quite a few status nineteens/580 down here at the moment in the Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club but they all seem to have different sail areas and rigs. Some have keel box rubbers and others do not.

The local sailing school here in Paynesville has four Status 19/580s and owner John Foley says that he uses mainsails from Yngling keel boats as they are the same size. The name of the school is Dockside Sailing School so I suggest you give John a ring if you need more information.

I hope all the above helps you and that you get some good racing in your Status
Alastair21-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Hi Phonse, I sent you an email some weeks ago which you apparently didn't get.If you haven't already ordered your new sails, I have just got a new main and jib for my boat, and I can give you these dimensions if you want them.I had the new main made slightly larger than the old one, as it always looked a bit small on my spars possibly due to shrinkage. As to the yardstick, I have contacted several clubs and State bodies, and the only one that came up with an answer was Gippsland lakes who told me that they race their Status' off 117. but this is only a local handicap. At my club I race off 113.2 which is the yardstick for the Status Slipstream.
Hope this helps in some way.
Ray Earley
Ray Earley22-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.

Why all the secrecy with regard to your sail sizes, why do you not want to declare them in this forum? Which club do you race in and what do you race against when you race on the slipstream handicap? Does your boat have keel box rubbers? The sail shrinkage allowance went out with cotton sails in the late 50’s and If I remember rightly it was a real tricky job running in and stretching new cotton sails then.

You can go into Yachting Victoria’s web site right now and see all the trailer yacht class CBH numbers along with their sail dimensions and displacements etc. I think the status slipstream which was the trailer yacht version of the status 19 is included in the tables.

I raced against the very first status slipstream in TY events in NSW and I can assure you she had a big rig on her, along with an enormous spinnaker. (Much bigger than the status 19). Jon Symonds was a good racer and he took us to cleaners then with his new boat, mind you, I can assure you he and his crew were struggling to control her in the heavier weather.

The Gippsland Lakes YC as I understand can only hand out a temporary YV yardstick number and they are duty bound to continually back calculate and adjust the 117 number. To do anything else would lead the sailing committee open to protest under the fair sailing rule.

Why don’t all the Status 19/580 racers get together in this forum and make up a set of class rules which can be used to obtain a permanent yardstick number. You tell me what you want in the rules and I will type them up for you!

Alastair22-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Alastair, I do not understand, and resent your insinuation that I am trying to hide something. AS i said previously, I am quite prepared to provide my sail dimensions to Phonse, or for that matter, to any one else who wants them.The point I was making is that these would only be the dimensions of my sails. As far as I know there are no class rules, and therefore sail sizes are up to the individual owners.I would be happy to see a proper set of class rules,and would be happy to supply any information required.

Ray Earley.
Ray Earley23-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.

I apologise if I have upset you, but you must admit you are a wee bit slow in coming up with the facts! Phonse has been waiting 3 weeks now for some basic measurements to be supplied to this forum.

I am really interested in the fact that you have been given the much faster Status Slipstream rating of 113 by a race organisation somewhere as against the much slower 117 temporary YV yardstick given out to a modified status 19 down here in Paynesville. Why is this?

Is your boat entered as a modified Status 580 and if so what are the modifications? If you declare the words Status 19 or 580 in the entry form and even if there are no class rules, you are surely duty bound to race with an unmodified boat using the as built sail areas. You just cannot have a class if all the owners are allowed to play silly buggers with the sail areas?

Nationally and also at State level the trailer yacht Class Basic Handicapping system (CBH) racing is at the point of collapse. TY’s are bailing out of CBH racing in large numbers and moving over to either OD sportsboat racing or the YV performance handicapping system. I am thinking now maybe its because of sail area creep ( same as tax bracket creep) has crept into the so called trailer yacht models that do not have class rules! Is this possible?

All the TYA' are in trouble if the big race week regattas can hardly get enough TY’s to turn up to make a race of it. This year the Geelong week had only 6 boats and the big Airley beach event had 8 in their TY divisions!!!

Alastair23-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Alastair, I don't understand where you are coming from. Are you deliberately trying to stir up a controversy? When did it suddenly become my responsibility to supply the forum with the Status' sail measurements? I say again, I DO NOT HAVE THE OFFICIAL MEASUREMENTS to the best of my knowledge there are none.I offered to supply my measurements to Phonse or any one else purely as a guideline, all they have to do is get in touch with me, but since I based my new sails on the old ones I wonder why others can't do the same.
As to to my boat, it is completely unmodified except for keel slot rubbers which are well worn and probably not very effective anyway. My handicap of 113.2 comes about because our small club does not have an official handicapper, and the Slipstream was the nearest thing they could come up with to a Status. It was an arbitrary decision which I have been stuck ever since.
Ray Earley24-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.

You could be right, I am a bit embittered and annoyed with the way the sailboat racing industry is going down here at the moment. Anyway I have decided to give it all away after 50 years on the helm, so maybe it could be me just trying to fix a few wrongs before I go!!

Owners of status 580’s will continue to have trouble with the both yardstick and CBH handicappers as long as they do not want to get properly organised as a class and make up a set of class rules.

You personally should not have any problem convincing your club that they have made a mistake in giving you a slipstream handicap. All you have to do is supply them with a comparison of your measurements with that of the Status Slipstream.

The slipstream sizes are as follows:

Overall mast length: 8620 mm Mainsail hoist: 7060 mm

Height of fore triangle: 6320mm Mainsail foot: 2630 mm

Max spinnaker width: 4960 mm Spinnaker luff: 6950 mm

Longest Perpendicular of foresail from luff to clew 2970 mm

Base of fore triangle J: 2280 mm
Alastair24-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Hi Alastair, I apologise for being a bit testy in my last couple of posts, I guess I'm just getting old and a bit tetchy.
Like you I am fast approaching the final finishing line, and not looking forward to it and also like you I'm not particularly happy about the way the sport is progressing. My particular gripe at the moment is this ridiculous levy imposed on anyone who comes within spitting distance of a yacht club by Yachting Australia and Yachting Victoria.Why should non sailing members of yacht clubs be forced to pay a levy for which they get absolutely nothing in return? Itis a blatant rip off, and is turning people away from the sport, depriving some smaller clubs of a pool of experience from retired sailors who could help to ease the strain on race committees on race days. When my time comes I would dearly love to remain an active member of my local club in some administrative capacity,but as a pensioner I cannot and will not pay those bloodsuckers in Melbourne for the privilege. These people claim to be promoting the sport to our youth, but it seems to me that what they are really trying to do is to turn it into a sport for the wealthy and privileged. A lot of people are wondering why the sport is declining, the answer is simple, It is becoming too expensive. I wish I new the answer to the problem, but I don't. I do know however that money grabs like this levy are certainly not helping. Anyway enough of that, I seem to have strayed a long way from the original subject.
With regard to my handicap, yes I suppose I could mount a case for having it increased, but my racing record last season might make it a bit difficult to justify. In any case the club is making a determined effort to improve the handicapping for everyone next season.

Ray Earley25-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Ray and Phonse

Believe it or not but this morning I found a soggy copy of the class rules for the Status 19 and the Status 580 in my post box. No name or contact phone number was supplied. The Status 580 copy was very poor and un-readable in many places and was from the NSW Status 580 Association. The Status 19 class rules are quite clear so I have scanned them and will send them to this RL website.

It appears to me that only the spinnaker size is different between the two versions of the boat (19.5 sq metres and 22 sq metres). Full length sail battens are allowed in the mainsail but there is a restriction on the size of mainsail roach.

Mast: Length above the deck step is 7450 mm. max
Spreaders: 560 mm max. and 3300mm max above deck step.
Hounds: Height above deck step 5800mm max.
Spinnaker pole: Overall length 2300mm max.

I am now going to attempt to update the class rules by combining the information from both versions of the class rules. My set will of course be un-official but if I can get them approved by all the owners here in Paynesville we could have a good local class. I personally feel we would have to go with the bigger 22 sq metre spinnaker and of course allow keel box rubbers.

The sail dimensions are as follows:

Mainsail Luff: 6800 mm max. Width of headboard:140mm max

Leech: 7300 mm max.

Foot: 2600 mm max.

From 1/2 and ¾ high on the leech to closest point in the luff 1700 mm and 1020 mm

Not more than four battens are permitted

Full length battens are permitted.

Batten pockets shall divide the leech into equal parts

Jib Luff: 5600 mm max

Foot: 2100 mm max. With a max. foot round of 100mm

Leech shall not be convex.

3 leech battens total max length 870mm
Single batten length. 300mm max.

Half the luff length of the jib multiplied by a measurement from the intersection of the clew to the shortest distance to the luff shall not exceed 5.5 sq metres.

Alastair26-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Thanks Alastair, on those measurements my new main is undersize, but my jib is oversize. Don't know how we can get around that, but I can't afford another new jib. Guess we will just wait and see
Ray Earley27-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.

Your boat must be one of the NSW Status 580's from Oak Flats Sailing Club.

Don't worry about it and I totally agree with you regarding the silver card fees.

All the best for the future to you and Phonse.

Alastair27-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Like your comments on how to get new sails made. In order to replace my old original sails 5 years ago I chose the obvious, that was give the sailmaker the old sails and instruct them to copy the dimensions. Next week on Sept 6th (our first twilight race for the new season) I will be trying out my second new set of sails whereby the dimensions were copied from the 5year old sails, hope they work. Most interesting to note the comments on the sail dimensions found from the Staus 19 and 580 plans however a bit late for me to comply with those measurements but my new sails should be close. The bottom line is for a 29 year old boat it still looks a glamour after a cut and polish a refit and spinnakers to suit our whims and handicapped accordingly. Best of wishes to those who have a Staus and those at Gippsland Lakes Yacht Club where I was a member from 1982 to 1991 and where my Status came from in 1999.
Greg Alward29-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580:Thanks for Class Rules Information
I appreciate the help I have been given in obtaining a set of class rules. Thanks for your time.
Phonse O'Bryan3-Oct-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status 580: Sail dimensions or sail plan required.
Just on the verge of a 580 purchase. Given all I have read on this forum, is there, or is there not a class association 'somewhere' in Australia. Also , is the a CBH figure available for a 580.
Would appreciate any comment. John T
John Turner13-Dec-2015    Edit    Delete 

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