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Status Moulds
Just wondering if someone could let me know if the Status 580 moulds are still in existance.
Suellen27-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Moulds
Re Status moulds. As far as I know the Status moulds were taken back to Sydney by Jon Simmonds, so try Timpenny Yachts.
Rob28-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Moulds
Thanks for replying so quickly!!!
Suellen28-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Status Moulds
A sailor down here in Paynesville called John Foley tried to obtain the Status 19/ 580 moulds a few years ago. He was informed that only the hull mould was availiable as the deck mould had been destroyed! If you have no joy with Timpenney Yachts I could get in touch with him.
Alastair28-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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