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Towing weight of the RL24
I am wondering if anyone can tell me the approximate towing weight for the Rl24 Mk111

Peter Pritchard27-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Towing weight of the RL24
We have a Mark 1 which might be 10% lighter in the hull than subsquent boats that had heavier layups & a little more freeboard. Ours is a standard swing keel. We run a larger merc outboard. In cruise mode we carry 30 l of fuel, 70 l of water, large battery, cooking gear, bedding for 2 adults & two kids , safety gear, couple of anchors, radios, books and a few spare sails plus books, toys, fishn gear, boom tent etc... We occassionally wedge a 3.3m 50 kg inflatable uder the cockpit floor and hang a second 2.2 merc off the pushpit
It goes on a single axel trailer that is a modern interpretation of the original Rob L: meduim weight- largish wheels, alko axel, disk brakes, muti rollers, spare
In all we struggle to crack 1500 kg as a total package on the weigh bridge. Generally we head off at around 1350 kg for week away.
We have a 4 cylinder Nissan Xtrail that "does it easy" towing happily at 110 on the freeways and braking effectively.
wayne hill28-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Towing weight of the RL24
Just had my Mark 3 over a weighbridge a few weeks ogo and it was 1360kgs on the trailer with rigging and not much else inside. Trailer is around 300kgs. I happily tow it with a diesel Rodeo at normal road speeds. The trailer is a single axle Tinka with 14" wheels and override brakes. Watch your gross combination weight of vehicle and trailer though.
Ken29-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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