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Transporting an RL 28
Hi all,

I'm in the process of buying an RL 28 on the NSW north coast. The price is right but the location isn't, I'll need to transport it to the Whitsunday area. As I see it I've got four options,

Buy a trailer (though the boat will mostly live in the water)
Rent a trailer
Have the boat transported
Sail the boat up

Does anyone have any idea how much it costs to have a trailer built for an RL28 and/or can recommend a trailer company to talk to? I understand that they were originally provided on modified stock power boat trailers - is this still an option?

Is it possible to rent trailers that could be used to tow an RL28 (my vehicle will tow 3 tonnes, maybe a bit more) and if so what would it cost?

Transport a 28 by professional road transport? I suspect it would be a big slug of what it would cost me to buy a trailer.

The other option is to sail it up the coast. Does anyone have any experience of the 28 on long coastal passages, is the boat solid and seaworthy enough for this option? What passage times could I expect?

Terry19-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Transporting an RL 28
By the way I did check the forum before posting this, I know there has been a fair bit of discussion on this subject, I guess there have been more than a few RL 28 owners chase trailers over time. Just no specific builders of trailers mentioned, so maybe I should have asked if anyone had a trailer built in south east Queensland, and if so who built it and how much did it cost?

Given that there are still a lot of original Tinka trailers around, and they were relatively light I'm thinking that a second hand power boat trailer, properly modified, might be the way to go. I note that there were a few discussions about guides and things for getting boats on trailers about a year ago. Has anyone got feedback on how successful these were?

Terry20-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Transporting an RL 28
I would expect an RL28 trailer to be around $8000 now. The power boat trailer option would be a good one especially if your RL has an outboard. Then there is not much weight at the back third of the boat and a shorter trailer that could take the weight would work OK.
While RL28s have been sailed round Australia and to SE Asia, remember they are a trailable boat, and like any centreboard boat would require good conditions and an experienced crew. I would not recommend it when you are not familiar with the boat and some of the NSW bars can be treacherous to cross without some prior knowledge.
Trucking your boat would be the easiest and safest option if the price is right.
I would be interested in hearing which option you decide on and how it all goes.
Keith Merkley31-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Transporting an RL 28
My brother & I have just completed a cruise from Brisbane to Airlie Beach in our RL28 fitted with a Volvo Penta 9hp. diesel motor. We have owned it for about 3 years & the longest trip we had made till this was from Brisbane to Mooloolabar. It took us 20 days to complete the trip which included 4 days in Gladstone getting the alternator repaired & starter battery replaced & this is on a boat we thought we had sorted. Our idea was not to hang around but to press on every day weather permiting, that is, we don't like winds over 20 knots, we can sail in winds over 20 but we don't have to like it !! Is the RL28 solid enough & seaworthy enough for a Queensland coastal passage ? My answer is YES, we might have been a bit apperhensive a few times but the RL was unfazed. I don't have any experence with outboards on yacht's but was sure glad we have a Volvo Penta inboard motor for those times when the wind just won't blow & you need to keep up those 5 knots to get to the next anchorage before dark. I would recomend you buy 'Cruising the Coral Coast' you will need it for anchorage & marina information. We have a Boeing trailer but it never leaves the club car park. Kev........
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