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mounting a transducer
has anyone ever mounted a transducer from a fishfinder in hull instead of on the transom the fishfinder is a navman fish 400 regards simon
simon marcus11-Aug-2001    Edit    Delete 
re: mounting a transducer
I have successfully mounted a regular depth sounder in-hull. There is some loss of sensitivity on an RL28 and less on an RL24 with its thinner hull, but preferable to another hole through the hull. As there is no damage done to the boat or transducer, it is worth trying with a fish finder as well..

I used PVC pipe just bigger in diameter than the transducer, cut so that when mounted vertically, it fits snuggly to the hull. Then glue it to the hull with epoxy and fibreglass tape. When dry, insert the transducer and fill with caster oil (obtainable from pharmacies).

You can also buy endcaps to fit the pipe and drill a hole just big enough for the cable. Drill another hole so that the air can escape while pushing the endcap over the pipe and later plug this hole with a self-tapping screw. It is not necseeary to screw the cap on.

Keith Merkley12-Aug-2001    Edit    Delete 
mounting a transducer
I realize it is a bit late,but may be of some assistance to others in the future. I simply fixed my transducer with silicone to the hull as far forward as possible ensuring that no air pockets existed in the silicone. The advantage with this method is that it can be easily shifted if for some reason it is later found to be in an unsuitable position. My aim was to later glass the transducer into its permanant home.However I have not got around to it and so far has been in position with the silicone for two years and still works efficiently ,saving our "bacon" on more than one occassion.(mine is also connected to a fish finder)
Garry 2-Dec-2001    Edit    Delete 

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