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Replying to:RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
Yesterday morning I sighted three RL 24’s from Loch Sport racing through the McMillan straits at Paynesville. They were all sailing single handed, three boats, three blokes and two black dogs! I thought how strange this was seeing that they were sailing an RL on their own and it was the middle of winter and that black dogs are quite rare in these parts. It had me wondering was this some new form of handicap racing and straight away I thought how many black dogs would Craig Rainey and the Simon Walsh have to have on board. I am sure three young untrained black mongrels right out of the pound would definitely slow them up. Anyway I shouted out ‘where bound’ (nautical talk meaning ‘where are you going you b______ds’) and back came the reply ‘Lakes Entrance and please report us to Lloyds (nautical talk meaning inform Lloyds of London of my position and this is not to be confused with ‘I need to have my RL measured by Lloyd Graham’)!! I am thinking that Rob Legg should perhaps be reported to the RSPCA for selling all those RL24s to Gippsland Lake's sailors without installing a heavy but small potbellied stove. Both dogs looked cold and miserable and they had that ‘I don’t want to be here look’ and I am only humouring my owner by being here. The dogs did not even have a nice warm lifejacket on!!