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RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
Yesterday morning I sighted three RL 24’s from Loch Sport racing through the McMillan straits at Paynesville. They were all sailing single handed, three boats, three blokes and two black dogs! I thought how strange this was seeing that they were sailing an RL on their own and it was the middle of winter and that black dogs are quite rare in these parts. It had me wondering was this some new form of handicap racing and straight away I thought how many black dogs would Craig Rainey and the Simon Walsh have to have on board. I am sure three young untrained black mongrels right out of the pound would definitely slow them up.

Anyway I shouted out ‘where bound’ (nautical talk meaning ‘where are you going you b______ds’) and back came the reply ‘Lakes Entrance and please report us to Lloyds (nautical talk meaning inform Lloyds of London of my position and this is not to be confused with ‘I need to have my RL measured by Lloyd Graham’)!!

I am thinking that Rob Legg should perhaps be reported to the RSPCA for selling all those RL24s to Gippsland Lake's sailors without installing a heavy but small potbellied stove. Both dogs looked cold and miserable and they had that ‘I don’t want to be here look’ and I am only humouring my owner by being here. The dogs did not even have a nice warm lifejacket on!!

Alastair Russell26-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
Alastair. The RSPCA have been in touch, and I have been cleared of all charges. They claim no juristriction, they suggested that they were two old "Seadogs" and and most likley a reincarnation, so it is not likely that being Victorian, they would even feel the cold, and if you ever see the dogs sailing the boats, they reccomend that you change your brand of whisky.
Rob27-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippsland Lakes

Great to hear you been cleared of all charges! I do have happy memories of cruising up the West Coast of Scotland in an old wooden yawl which was rigged out with a coal fired stove. I was upset when the owner removed it in off season and installed a pump out toilet!!#!

You have to be careful these days now that tillermates and automatic pilots are common in boats. If you see a dog sitting down aft you know he is there to bark if he sees another boat coming (remember that TV commercial with the blind bloke driving).

I gave up drinking whisky when I stopped smoking several years ago so now I do my best to help the wineries reduce their glut of red wine. Meg gets quite concerned when I get on this computer after I have partaken in a red wine male bonding and a de-stressing session at the local pub!


PS I have put feelers out but I have not yet heard who won the race to Lakes Entrance.

Alastair30-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
Alastair. Is this one of the dogs you saw ?
Rob1-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
Noooo, not much similarity Rob, but your bloke looks like definite commodore material. I tell you what, if you buy him a blazer (a jacket not the boat) and rig him up with a shirt and a nice tie I will propose him for commodore and ask Dick Voller to second him (he likes brown dogs).

John Inglis's dog (shown) looked a real class act (a Hungarian Puli ) but at the time of sighting my dog Charlie preferred the working dog cross on the other boat.

Alastair 5-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
I heard the race was "Dog Eat Dog" all the way down the lake.....
James Shannon6-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippsland Lakes

Its not dog eat dog!@##$% Its dog play dog!

All dogs are soccer players and I am sure the dogs on board that day were well versed in the penalties as handed down by crook English and Spanish referees! Aussie dogs do not do dives in the penalty box!!!

Alastair7-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Winter Racing on the Gippslands Lakes
You'd never see a Warrigal dive like that.

Ironic really that having having cheated their way past the Warrigals, the Spinones went on to win the whole thing at the expense of the Miniature Poodles, who had indeed been fortunate to knock over the host Daschunds, who may have been more comfortable meeting the underachieving Bulldogs.

At least the Warrigals are well used to having the wheels come off their campaign, it happens almost annually!!

Research THAT, Alistair.
James Shannon10-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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