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RL 24 Sink Drain Exit
Has anyone run hose from the sink to drain in the outboard engine well? Appears my sink is too low for a thru hull exit.....
Thanks for any suggestions,
Bob Neiman25-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Does Anyone have a sink?
Curious if anyone has a sink in a RL 24 MKIII and what knid of setup to drain.
Bob Neiman15-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL 24 Sink Drain Exit
I have a removable sink in the top of my ice box on the LHS. I have fitted a caravan style hand pump faucet. The water tank and drain are connected to two 1 gallon containers in the bottom of the ice box. Not a huge amount of water, but seems to do the trick.
Hope this helps,
RL24-253 (Mk III)
Alex7-Aug-2006    Edit    Delete 

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