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beach inspector
hi all i have blown the jib and torn the main in the 2006 bat to bay
(both original rl sails) would anyone know a sail maker in brisbane who would be familiar with the rl-s...as i need to renew both..tks all.......MANY TKS KEITH
ssoady20-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Sailmaker for RLs
Manders Sails made many of the original sails for the RLs. They are at 52 Clarence St Coorparoo 4151 (07) 3397 0072. I have used them to repair damaged sails and their work was good and the prices are reasonable.

Keith Merkley20-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: beach inspector
I have always used Allwood Sails in Brisbane for all my previous sails as well as my sons racing sails.
I am not sure how Clive Allwood compares to other sail maker prices, but he just gave me a quote of $1,040.00 for a new main for my RL28. That includes slides, 1 reefing point and a rope foot.

Best regards

Garry Beattie
Garry Beattie21-Jul-2006    Edit    Delete 

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