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RL 28 - specifications of the swing keel?
We are seeking the weight and/or dimensions for a swinging keel of an RL28. The keel has been lost due to a collision at sea and the information would be greatly appreciated.
Geoffrey Cooper 26-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL 28 - specifications of the swing keel?
Just out of interest how did the RL28 handle with the loss of the keel (ie capsize?).

I am not sure about the specs - but if you can get under it you might be able to work it out (I think). If you can measure measure the box it came in.. use the drawing on the links page. From that you can get the volume. The weight is then the Volume x Spec.Gravity (depends on if you use Lead or something else)

But hopefully someone else knows :)

Brendan Bradley 26-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
The swing keel
I am assured that the swing keel is steel. We ran into a problem when we bought our RL28! Yea! in that the keel jammed half way up, tube worms in salt water. We fixed this by removing the table and thence the top of the keel box. If you do this you can get a fairly good idea of the dimensions. "suck it and see"
Kevin Russell 16-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
kill for RL28
I have just removed the kill from my boat. I am going to make a drawing for it. If you are still interested send me an e-mail to this adress 01925@nabalco.com.au
Peter Z 26-Aug-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keel for RL28
Hi, I have an RL 28 (Shalimar) and am interested to know how you removed the keel. Please advise Thanks Phil
Phil Macqueen 4-Apr-2002    Edit    Delete 

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