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Looking at buying a Mk.1
Just sold my trusty little Crossfire 20 & Iam considering an RL 24 as a replacement.Any hints/problems that I should look for when purchasing a Mk.1 would be very much appreciated.
John McCulloch 16-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
Purchasing RL mk1
I have just purchased a RL28 and now have my RL24 Mk3 for sale the MK3 has more room inside especialy in the quarter berths. I origanly had a mk2 then mk1 and then the MK3 which is a excellent boat
Rob Ritchie 19-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
How do you identify the difference between a mk1 mk2 mk3. rl24 alsorl28,s
I own "Seabird" an RL24 in good nic ,probably built by Court marine in W.A. according to Richard[ex Premior, who tapped me on the shoulder on Rotto].Some RL24,s appear to be thinner around the jib winch area, but which is which? & what years were they built? & where? I also own "Sealeggs" {ex Dingo from Cairns} in much poorer condition .It,s cabin top is fixed unlike "Leggend" which slides,the only other RL28 I,ve seen.Again how many models were made ? In what years? Where? & how do you identify them?ph.0438543691 or email- ensorneil@hotmail.com
Neil Ensor 9-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
I Work with rob for ten years and was his foredhand before going back to sydney;after 5 state titles and two TWA titles with slippery i feel i can answer your questions on all the mks from day one. as i am pretty ordinary with the pc you had better ring me kevin troy 0243844289
kevin troy 10-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 
Thanks for response,Kevin,I,m a computer virgin also at 51 but learning quickly.
I,m currently between positions and so am experimenting with my girl friends computer.I have noted your ph. no. As i,m in WA i,ll wait till I,m more financial bfore I have a long chat;or get access to a company phone.
neil ensor 22-Oct-2001    Edit    Delete 

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