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New Hatch for RL 24 and Sail Modifications
1. I am looking for a front hatch for my RL24, if any person can provide details it woyuld be helpful
2. A sailmaker suggested that a screamer in lieu of a MPS may be able to be used on my RL ... I was looking at a MPS but am not certain if a screamer on a roller refer would overload the rig, the mast is I believe an old style with diamonds and no backstay and the boat was manufactured in WA with a duckbill - a photo of the boat in it's origional name "good spanking" is on this web site detailing the duck bill which appears to have been included to keep an anchor away from the hull for cruising use. the duck bill is fitted with a stay from the front to the hull where the ring for the trailer strap is fitted

Ken26-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: New Hatch for RL 24 and Sail Modifications
Hi Ken,
I had a new RL24 hatch made last year, very helpful company, got the hatch to North Queensland without any hassle.

oatworks at Seaford in Vic have a mold for RL24 front hatches. I lost mine on Colduck and we used the front Hatch off a mates RL to create a mold in Feb 04. He said he would keep the mold, so give Peter a call at Boatworks on (03)9776 8050 or 0414 388 066.
Regards Geoff Onions - Colduck RL403
Geoff Onions
John D5-May-2006    Edit    Delete 

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