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Replying to:Keeping an RL28 on mooring
I don't currently own a RL but I am looking for one with the view to buy. I recently emailed to Keith Merkley asking his opnion about keeping a RL28 permanently in the water. Keith replied to my enquiry very promptly. Thankyou very much Keith . I now have further questions for Keith, but I decide to post my questions on this forum because there might be other people who have the same questions and they will be benefited without have to make similar enquiries. (By the way, as a newbie, I am really impressed with the RL community in this forum. I can see them a great bunch of people who make this a GREAT site !!) Keith, you said you keep your boat in a boat bag. Is there a website that I can get information about it? If there isn't any website, my questions mainly are: 1. How does it work? 2. Is it suitable for swing mooring? I am thinking about keeping my boat on swing mooring at Bulimba (on the Brisbane River). If swing mooring doesn't work, how about then next to a pontoon (also on the Brisbane River at Bulimba). The reason I prefer the swing mooring is that a boat tied against the pontoon at Bulimba will suffer a fair bit of wave action every time the City Cats go past. Out there on swing mooring, the boat will be much less affected. 3. What sort of money are we talking about here? My above questions are directed to Keith because, like I said, I previously spoke with him but I would appreciate very much if anybody here also has any input. Thankyou in advance for your advice. Regards Andrew