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Keeping an RL28 on mooring
I don't currently own a RL but I am looking for one with the view to buy. I recently emailed to Keith Merkley asking his opnion about keeping a RL28 permanently in the water. Keith replied to my enquiry very promptly. Thankyou very much Keith . I now have further questions for Keith, but I decide to post my questions on this forum because there might be other people who have the same questions and they will be benefited without have to make similar enquiries. (By the way, as a newbie, I am really impressed with the RL community in this forum. I can see them a great bunch of people who make this a GREAT site !!)

Keith, you said you keep your boat in a boat bag. Is there a website that I can get information about it?

If there isn't any website, my questions mainly are:

1. How does it work?
2. Is it suitable for swing mooring? I am thinking about keeping my boat on swing mooring at Bulimba (on the Brisbane River). If swing mooring doesn't work, how about then next to a pontoon (also on the Brisbane River at Bulimba). The reason I prefer the swing mooring is that a boat tied against the pontoon at Bulimba will suffer a fair bit of wave action every time the City Cats go past. Out there on swing mooring, the boat will be much less affected.
3. What sort of money are we talking about here?

My above questions are directed to Keith because, like I said, I previously spoke with him but I would appreciate very much if anybody here also has any input.

Thankyou in advance for your advice.



Andrew Nguyen15-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
My boat bag consists of two 90 mm storm water pipes sealed at each end with 4 metre wide plastic sheeting (from Bunnings) between them. The sheeting has pockets along all four sides for the pipes made by part-melting the sheeting with an old iron. Add another pipe at one end also in a pocket. At the remaining end, thread a rope through the pocket. This is the end where the boat goes. Also cut a hole about the midpoint of this side so the rope is accessible.
When the boat is moored, grag the rope at either end and loop it onto the back of the boat so that the whole of that side of the bag is lifted out of the water, closing the boat in. I also attach a hook to the centre of the rope to lift that up. A rock or two in the bag will help sink the centre but the boat will slide in even with the sheeting floating on the water. Remember to stop the motor early! And the centreboard need to be half way up or it ay snag the sheeting.
Chuck in a cup of stabilized chlorine for pools each week or two.
Total cost about $200 for the two 10 metre pipes and a roll of black sheeting enough to last for many years. Four end caps and some various lengths of rope to tie it all together. Sailmakers and other make them professionally but presumably cost more. The only tricky bit is making the pockets for the pipes; the iron must be hot enough to melt the plastic but not too hot or it melts right through. You need some scrap to practice on first.

I tried to work out a swing mooring system for a neighbour but we couldn't do it. Difficult to get it to keep its shape. A pontoon would be good - only problem is keeping the entrance open - it may want to close especially with river traffic buffeting it.

I'll take some pictures to explain all this better.
Keith Merkley16-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Building a boat bag - now in Tips and Modifications
More details on building a boat bag for an RL28 in a marina pen are in the Tips and Modifications on this site.
Keith Merkley22-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
Hi Guys.
I too am thinking about leaving my boat moored in our local Marina but was concerned about marine growth in the keel box.
The boat is anti fouled but I have heard of some Trailer Sailers being moored and having all sorts of marine growth get up into the keel box and cause all sorts of problems.
Would this boat bag fix this problem?
I like the idea of the chlorine but I am not sure the environmentalist's would approve. If the bag is completely sealed would the same result be achieved by just pooring a heap of fresh water into the bag?

Best regards

Garry Beattie26-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
1) The centreboard should be kept raised so it is in the dark to reduce the growth. You will need some way to stop the board from slowly dropping. I antifouled for 10 years and have used the boat bag for a similar time without any board problems.
2) The chlorine has a very limited life - ask any pool owner - so has minimal environmental impact. Certainly less than the stuff in antifouling. Fresh water won't stop the growth - ask the same pool owner! And an enormous amount of water would be needed. A better way might be to pump most of the water out so that only a very small amount of chlorine would be needed, but then it would be difficult to get the boat out.
Keith Merkley26-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
Thanks Keith.
Your fresh water thearoy makes sense and, as a pool owner myself, I do understand how Chlorine dissipates especially with sunlight.
I love the idea of the bag though.
How would you go floating a stabilized Chlorine tablet on either side of the boat? This may prolong the effectivenes of the chlorine for a week or so longer?
I would love to have a closer look at yours if possible.
Where are you located?
Garry Beattie30-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
I tried those floating tablets but it didn't seem to work very well, but only a single unit so perhaps two were needed. Those which hold 6 tablets would be a good way to feed the chlorine for many weeks if going away.
My boat is in Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Marina in Brisbane.
Keith Merkley1-May-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
Hi Keith.
My wife and I will be in Brisbane on Tuesday to pick up some new Deep Cycle Gel Cells plus other bits and pieces.
Is it possible to have a look at your boat bag set up at Manly?
It would be great to meet up with you but if that is not possible no problems, but perhaps you could phone the marina and just let them know we are coming so that they don't get suspicious with us checking out your boat (from the pontoon that is!)
My email address direct is gjbeattie@iinet.net.au
Best regards
Garry Beattie6-May-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
We have kept HAKUNA MATATA on a marina berth for five years and have not had any problem with the keelbox fouling. The keel is always raised when moored. Keel was striped and antifouled two years ago.
Dennis Johnson8-May-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keeping an RL28 on mooring
Thanks for the extra information Dennis. I was going to try and catch up with you and have a chat about that next time we were in Hervey Bay. I still think some kind of boat bag would be good extra protection.

Keith: We were in Brisbane on Tuesday but I was as sick as a dog and so we did not get out to Manly to have a look at your set up. We decided to just do what we had to do and return home. Hopefully next time we are down there I can get across to check it out and maybe catch up with you as well.

Garry Beattie10-May-2006    Edit    Delete 

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