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Dear Kingsley and Kay,

I am experiencing difficulty in launching my RL24. A brief background is that I used to launch by floating AWOL off the trailer but the saltwater corrosion resulted in a major refurb of the trailer. I resolved to prevent a re-occurrence of the problem so was determined to use the tilt mechanism and keep the trailer dry.

The first attempt a few months ago was unsuccessful so I was forced to float the yacht off. Advice was offered and I ensured all rollers were spinning freely (two secondary side rollers were not).

I followed Greg's (INMA)advice of lowering the rear end of the lateral side supports on the latest attempt. The trailer tilted but still it would not slide off. The keel was right up, all rollers serviceable and the side supports sloped towards the rear as Greg recommended.

After much pushing and shoving, backward/forward/braking with the Toyota I finally got it into the water. It was yet another hassle associated with single handed yacht preparation.

I can only think that the rollers are not aligned properly and I'll have to examine that aspect. Perhaps it is the gentle sloping ramp I use.

However, when I saw your launching system for Rings-n-things it seemed to be the solution for me. It appears that you simply winch your yacht off the trailer effortlessly.

I understand the principle made more easily understood by the photo of the rear trailer turning block but I have not got my mind completely around the setup at the winch post / electric winch end of the trailer.

Would you be able to provide either a photo or a simple sketch which shows the turning block system at the winch post as well as how the rope connects to the recovery 'U' Bolt at the front of the boat? Is it that the rope goes from the 'U" Bolt horizontally to a turning block thence vertically to the winch, thence rearward under the yacht? Or is it that the rope connects to the 'U' Bolt, runs downward along the side of the yacht (and rubbing the bow) until it eventually goes under the yacht?

This attempt to express myself will indicate that I have difficulty in comprehending your system fully.

Any advice will be gratefully appreciated.

Best wishes,

Terry3-Apr-2006    Edit    Delete 
I am having the same problems with a South Coast 25.
I plan to take the cable from the winch to a turning block
on the rear of the trailer and back to the bow eye.
the cable running down the side of the boat.
have not tried yet but shold work and tilt the trailer and
launch in shallow water?
I plan to hang a canvas sheet over the bow to mimimise chafing of gelcoat etc. I would apreciate any feedback from anyone who
has winched a boat off a trailer?
Regards Eric
Eric5-Jun-2006    Edit    Delete 

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