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g'DAY we are up in Qld from Vic and kicking off in the whit sundays this week...If there are any RL 24 cruising opportunities be tween now and Oct and beween Townsville and Fraser Is. we'd be keen to tag along for a bit ..two kids 9 77 AND wAYNE AND GRETTA IN 'sPIRAL nAVIGATOR' REGARDS WAYNE
wayne Hill13-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
I would like to extend an invitation to you to join us at for a weekend sail with the BTYC Cape Upstart
Rob Ritchie19-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
Thanks rob i'm thinking that BTYC is Brisbane way ? We'll do a few more one weekers up along this coast..our first sortie has been 7 days around whitsunday island.... we'll do couple more of these possibly go to townsvilee then start heading south... I'll watch this we site for more details and location details over the next week or two... sailings been great 15-20k and some good adventures with out to many dramas so far,,, heck its hard to type after you havelived on your boat!!! regards wayne and the Hills from Spiral Navigator...

ps does any one else know good some good methods up or down the coast to hook up with other families or clubs? phone? radio? www.?

wayne hill22-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
Hello Wayne We are sailing Friday 3rd August for the weekend 4th & 5th To participate in the local celebrations for Federation leaving Molongle creek boat ramp which is about 3hrs by road north from Airlie Beach to Cape Upstart. i sent you a Email which you did not get . If you can make it send your email address again and i will give you further details

Rob Ritchie29-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 

We are also thinking of cruising with two children aged 6 and 10 - how did you find the trip? Any hints? Thanks Ian & Jan

Ian Owles18-May-2002    Edit    Delete 

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