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I notice on the Trailer Sailor Place discussion board that Greg is holding onto two starboard shrouds on his RL24 INMA. There is a photo in the Volvo celebration message.

My RL24 Mk2 only has single shrouds which are secured aft of the mast. However,there are U bolts forward of the mast on both sides of AWOL which seem to be situated for forward shrouds. I visited Ken yesterday and noticed his RL 24 Mk1 Dream Weaver also has only single shrouds and unlike mine does not have the second set of U bolts forward of the mast.

I have a tapered rotating mast and running backstay.

Should I have two shrouds forward and aft or is it optional? I would feel a bit more secure with INMA's set-up. Any advice on this together with the pros and cons, in the case of it being optional, would be appreciated.

Best wishes
Terry15-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 
INMA has adjustable shrouds that are used to bend the mast in a way similar to a backstay. The RL24 rig has no backstay so this is a key adjustment for sail shape.

The inners are generally slack so that the center section of the mast can move forward and flatten the sail. In gusts the load on the top of the mast bends the tip allowing the sail to flatten and fall off.

I have to be careful not to use too much vang because it loads the mast at the goosneck which has the effect of bending the mast.

The inners limit the amount of mast bend to avoid structural damage if loads become extreme but otherwise do little. Many similar rigs have replace wire inners with light cord based on the principal that they do little and less is best.

With earlier rigs the intention was to control bend hence the diamond rigging high on the mast. Be careful when changing rigging by sdding or removing supports, both actions can increase loads to individual bits of the rig causing failures.

Greg 15-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 
Thanks very much for enlightening me Greg.

As I have an adjustable backstay it seems that I should leave my rigging as is.

Best wishes

Terry18-Feb-2006    Edit    Delete 

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