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RL24 Locking a swing keel
I am sailing an RL24 with a swing keel and am interested to know if anyone has arranged a locking device for the keel. In my case the keel is raised by a cable attached to its trailing edge about 150mm from its heel. The cable is connected to a winch at the aft end of the case. I'm reasonable satisfied with this arrangement and have been considering how I might lock it down to increase the chance of self-righting in the event of a capsize. What have others devised?
John Jenkins28-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
keel lock down
I have a hole throu the case that i put a 3 inch by 5/8 bolt through. I have drilled out one end of the bolt and use snail clip to hold it in.

This allows the keel to be slightly raked ( only a few degrees), for reaches and heavy weather, but will prevent the keel entering the case in a knockdown.

dave3-Jul-2001    Edit    Delete 
Keel Lock Down
Dave, Can you provide more written specifics as to where you positioned the 5/8 bolt in the RL 24 swing keel case. What about water leaks on a stiff heel etc. Appreciate your advise.
Bob Neiman11-Jan-2002    Edit    Delete 

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