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Kick rudder
Does anyone have a photo or design of a kick rudder to suit an RL28?
Rob Lester 29-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kick rudder
What do you mean by kick rudder?
Jason 3-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kick rudder
I built one for our RL28 which is a combination of both it lifts vertically as wellas being able to kick out. I will take some photographs and post them on this site.

Kingsley & Kay
Kingsley White 11-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kick rudder
Thanks Kingsley
If you could also email me the info I would be very grateful.
Rob Lester 11-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kick rudder
Kingsley's design is shown on the Tips and Modifications page.
Keith Merkley 19-Jan-2006    Edit    Delete 
Re: Kick rudder
Hi Kingsley
Could you please forward any other information about the kick rudder e.g. How it works, pulley system, materials used, type of fittings on transom etc. I'm hoping to adapt your great design to my new RL24. Any advice would be great.
Merv Murray 23-Sep-2009    Edit    Delete 

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