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Western australia RL24 manufacture
I am finding that the outboard washes water into the 2 rear

Was the WA RL24s constructed to a particular model- my boat now in Qld has a hinged centreboard with a kick up in the housing, a fully batten main, moulded GRP floor not lift up plywood like my sons mark 2 and a sink on the left and stove on theright hand side, the mast is fitted with diamonds - it appears to have been de tuned towards cruising - any help on history would be helpfull

ken22-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Western australia RL24 manufacture
RL 24. My WA made yacht Cape Rose has kickup in keel housing, original moulded sink on port side with caravan pump water outlet, probably installed by previous owner(s) and shelf for stove on starboard side.Floor has lift up ply panels, but these could have been added afterwards. I was under the impression WA yachts were taken off an early MK 1 mould, so previous owner said. Believe Cape Rose was made in 1977.
Tim Jones26-Feb-2007    Edit    Delete 

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