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Bilge Pumps and hull cracks
I have to fit a bilge pump to my RL24 MkI to comply with Qld boating regs. Can anyone suggest the best place to locate it. I want to use a manual diaphragm pump. Some boats I have seen have the pump located vertically on the bulk head adjacent to the cabimn hatch, but htis seems awkward to operte.

Also I have a crack in the hull stiffener that runs across the cabin floor under the smae bulk head. The crack is immediately above the centreline of the hull. Is this a problem? How do i fix it?

Thank you for any assistance you can give me

Bob Hancock

Bob Hancock25-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
Hi Bob, My hand pump is on the front of the centreboard case, It is a bit of an eyesore, but the pipe runs straight downinto the bilge, and water exits into the case, which is good. most manufacturers put the hand pump through the cockpit wall next to the hatch... it is out of the way, but requires cutting holes in places you probably do not want to.

The crack is a bit of a worry. I would be interested in finding out exactly where it is, as I have a mark 1 and the floor is glassed in with 8 inspection circles cut into it.. as such I don't have the opportunity to see those sort events which may be waiting to REALLY suprise me! On the other hand, the floor does give her torsional stiffness, which is the stem of your problem... The RL 24 does do the "hunka-Chunka" as it has no real bulkheads to speak of, but can be stiffened quite easily. You may consider either adding a rib at the C/Box, and then miter ing in a stringer to connect the ones in place to it. Ultimately.. just rebrace and glass it up.

Good luck,

Mat Cox.

Mat Cox25-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
Just a thought when glasing up old hulls like mine i always use epoxy...polyester resin and wood have go a limited life to gether particularly if not encased or exposed to water. I had several cracks in the stiffeners that run to the plate case, mainly at the thn tapered end..glassed them with a few layers of light cloth and a bit of scarp kevlar -no dramas since
wayne hill25-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 

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