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Class rules for the new RL 24 SS
It is my intention to apply to the relevant YV committee for a modified CBH rating and also a AMS rating for our new RL 24 SS class.

Dick Voller and myself have been racing his boat 'Big Deal" set up as a RL 24 SS and we hope to race her in this configeration in the drop keel division at the National Titles this year. We will send in all the olympic type course elapsed times from this event to the CBH committee with our application.


GENERAL SS shall be an abbreviation for the words Seniors Special .

All RL 24 SS trailer yachts shall:

Comply with the AYF RRS definition for a type 1 trailable yacht .

Comply with the trailer yacht horizontal stability requirements in the AYF RRS Appendix D.

. KEEL Minimum weight 130 kg. If keel is underweight, correction ballast in the form of fresh water shall be placed in 2 watertight 20 litre containers. When racing the containers shall be lashed or secured in the cabin alongside the swing or drop keel box

Fillers and keel lockdown devices fitted into the centreboard box behind a swing keel are allowed.

Dimensions and cross-section unrestricted.

Bulbs or Wings on the Keel are not allowed.

The keel area outside of the hull when the keel is in the down position shall have a uniform thickness along its longest length.

A positive non friction type keel locking device shall be used whilst racing.

Note: This device shall be strong enough to stop the keel from being accidentally raised in a knock down or during an accidental roll over.

HULL and DECK Produced from a RL 24 moulds approved by the RL 24 Association of Australia.

The following are banned:

Major modifications to reduce weight in the transom and the cockpit area.

The use of Kevlar and Carbon fibre materials in the hull and deck lay up.

Fitting of a lightweight space frame hull stiffening structure within the cabin area.

Boats built without an inner moulding.

Boats modified to remove the inner moulding.

Note: Mast compression posts and bracing fitted across the cabin at the shroud positions are allowed.

DISPLACEMENT WEIGHT The boat shall be weighed totally dry in a sailing condition with all the mandatory safety equipment on board. The minimum weight shall be 650 kgs.

Note : All fenders, warps, scullery gear, navigation gear, books, contents of drawers, tool kits and anything not mandatory for Category 6 and the state boating authority safety requirements shall be removed prior to weighing.

Minimum outboard weight 20 kgs. minimum fuel carried 4 litres.

Note The engine and fuel tank will be weighed separately and this weight will be added to the displacement weight..

This weight includes:

Keel, rudder and tiller, spars, sails and all standing and running rigging.

Winch tackle for raising keel.

All built-in furnishings including bunk cushions and floor boards.

Any plates or brackets for mounting the outboard motor.

Instruments permanently mounted.

Anchor and chain and all safety equipment required by the relevant state boating regulator and the current Yachting Australia RRS book.

Any ballast weight to bring a hull up to minimum weight shall be securely fixed as near as practicable to a position 240 mm above the keel line and 4.0 m Aft of the top of the stem.

CABIN HEADROOM The shortest distance from underside of cabin top to inside hull skin or moulded floor at yachts longitudinal centreline shall be 1.3 m minimum.


PROPULSION ENGINE Outboard arrangements are unrestricted but the engine must stay clamped to its transom or to the engine lifting system whilst racing.

Note: A dispensation will be given to some mark 1 and 2 boats which have the original as built outboard well. Their well does not allow the engine to be tilted clear of the water. Their outboard may be lifted out and secured over the rear inner transom and the opening may be plugged.

RUDDER Unrestricted.

MAST and BOOM Mast Height shall be 8.3 m maximum, measured from cabin top to centre line of main halyard sheave

Mast section shall have a 120 mm maximum fore and aft dimension, excluding normal fittings.

Boom section shall have a 120 mm maximum vertical dimension, excluding normal fittings.

WHISKER POLE Length unrestricted.

SAILS Spinnakers are not allowed

Sail Area of headsail and mainsail combined in use at any one time shall not exceed 20 sq m measured area. Sail plan otherwise unrestricted.

CREW Maximum crew weight 200 kgs.

CREW POSITION Hiking devices other than toe straps in the cockpit and guard rails are not permitted.

SAFETY EQUIPMENT At all times the boat shall carry the appropriate safety equipment stipulated by the Australian Yachting Federation Special Requirements Part 1 and the relevant State Government Boating Regulator.

Anchor, chain and rope shall be stowed in the foredeck well when racing.

The minimum AYF safety category for any RL24 SS event shall be category 6.

Note: It is recommended that all RL24 SS boats be equipped to the category 5 safety level.

The safety category for any RL 24 SS event shall be declared in the Notice of Race and the Sailing Instructions.

PFDs are to be worn at all times whilst racing.

BUOYANCY Buoyancy in the form of sealed compartments or closed cell foam with a minimum volume of 0.55 cu metres must be approximately evenly distributed fore and aft, and athwartships. Closed cell foam should not be used below bilge level. It is recommended that close cell foam be placed inside the cabin on both sides close to the sheer strake.

RL 24 SS 2005 rules version 6 12-12-05

Alastair Russell

Alastair Russell15-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Class rules for the new RL 24 SS
200 kg max crew weight seems to be to much of a restriction whilst i was once a inverted triangle i am now a normal triangle and if i have 2 friends with me in the boat it would be very unlikely we would be under 200 kg - could not this mass be increased to 300 kg which would also allow say a famil with 1 or 2 teenagers sail
ken20-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 

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