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Trailer for RL24 re Qld Legislation
If anybody has had a trailer made in Brisbane can they supply the details of the trailer ??? manufacturer ? ..... Qld Transport changed the rules for trailers a couple of years ago and trailers being just registered in qld (Interstate purchase or New) , i understand need to comply - the RL 24 design is a very short trailer with a large overhang and no brakes because it is a light boat - any hints please ?
Ken12-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Trailer for RL24 re Qld Legislation
Queensland Transport have a brochure on requirements for trailers.
To be legal, brakes are essential on any trailer with a gross weight over 750kg. The overhang bit is another problem but I think it can be covered by hanging a red flag from the mast. There is a limit to how long the load can protrude past the axle, hence the flag.
mike13-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 

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