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enquiry for RobLegg
Enquiry for Rob Legg,

Hi Rob, I noticed in the R L story, that you built some Status 19/580ís
At one stage. I have a Status 19 first registered 1993, and Iím finding it impossible to keep the jib luff straight. It sags as much as 4 inches out of line going to windward with predictable results to our pointing ability.Iím using a winch to tension the halyard, and the halyard tail ( spectra) is bar taut leading on to the winch, and still the jib sags.There is obviously some flex somewhere, but Iím damned if I can find it. Do you have any suggestions from your knowledge of these boats, as to what might be causing the problem? One thing Iíve noticed, is that there are no chain plates as such, the shrouds are attached to U bolts going through hardwood blocks under the external guníl lip. Although I canít see any sign of stress fractures in this area, I wonder if maybe the deck is flexing. I would sincerely appreciate hearing/ seeing any thoughts you may have on this problem.

R.Earley. (ex Geronimo owner)

R Earley5-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: enquiry for RobLegg
I Would think that your boat was built long after I stopped working, by your description of the chain plates.
It sounds to me that your chain plates may be too far forward ie less than 350 mm aft of the back edge of your mast. Also try sheeting your main in hard and working the traveller instead of the sheet, It is more efective to have the fore stay tight first if the headsail is hanked to it, rather than depending on the halyard tension which increases the compression the mast ,and may be causing it to buckle. Let me know how you go.
Rob.5-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: enquiry for RobLegg
Hi Rob
Thanks for your comments, I think we have found our problem, the mast step is bolted thru' the keel which in turn is fibreglassed to the central girder. It appears that that this joint has given way allowing the floor to flex under the pull of the jib luff which is the forestay. We are looking at possible remedies for the problem, but it appears that fairly major surgery is indicated

R.Earley8-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 

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