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RL28 self righting
I am considering buying an RL28

I noticed the previous discussion on self righting.

Can someone confirm that it does.

I assume these tests would have been done at some stage during the boats construction ?

Thanks in advance

Mike Higgs12-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
self righting rl28 rings-n-things
results of hauldown test carried out at the c.y.c.club in south aust. by the trailer sailerassociation. the boat was in the water and the mast was horizontal.scales were attached between the top of the mast and the mariner.to meet the requirements to obtain the "yachting south aust.inc. horizontal stability test certificate for trailable yachts."the scales needed to read 42klgs. the reading was 68klgs. the testing officer made the comment that it was one of the highest readings he had seen.regards kingsley
Kingsley White31-Aug-2001    Edit    Delete 

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