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Keel lock down
It would seem that a Keel lock down device is required for cat 5 races. Ive seen many suggestions and ideas floated on this page but none seem to suit my Mk 3 with Mk 4 cabin arrangement, I wonder if Rob Legg has an "official" RL design or idea to solve the problem or is the design of the yacht such that a lock down is not required?
Martyn28-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
Martyn. I dont quite understand about your Mk3 with a Mk4 cabin arrangment, do you have a photo? or can you describe the problem?
Rob Legg29-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
Sorry I dont have a Photo at the moment, looking at the plans shown on this sight is the reference to the Mk 4 layout. Icould well be wrong! I have a sink on the port side with a stove then an ice box moving towards the Keel casing, I have a bulk head seperating the V berth from the galley area and the keel casing incorporates a double drop leaf table. I dont want lose our lift the table and I am loath to drill into the side of the keel casing, if you suggest this is the best way to comply with the regulations then so be it. I cruise more than race so and I often find lumps of Australia around morton bay so I seem to use the swing advantage quite a bit! Thanks for your help Rob
Regards Martyn. (My boat is Ambuscade 2 and supposedly built by your foreman for himself in 1983)
martyn30-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
oops the keel is raised and lowered by a ratchect trailer type winch at the rear of the keel box.
martyn30-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
Martyn. I found the best way to meet the requirements was to fit a screw in drain plug to each side of the plate case, and slip a bolt thru when required to lock down keel, this also strengthens the case. use a soft washer on each side of the bolt to seal.
Rob30-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
Thanks for your time and thoughts
Martyn1-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down
What are the measurements for the fitment of a lockdown bolt for a RL24 Mk 3 swing keel?
Does anyone have these.
David Proctor6-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Keel lock down

I like Wayne Hill's method of securing the swing keel in his RL 24 as I think it might be quicker acting and easier to use than fitting a bolt. I would use kevlar/spectra rope and a robust horn cleat to secure the keel rather than any quick release cam fittings.

Go back a few pages and look up his input under Slot Stopper.

Alastair Russell
Alastair Russell15-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 

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