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RL24 Gooseneck
Hi all
I am building a new racing boom out of a section of hobie cat mast. My gooseneck (i think thats its name ) on what now will be a cruising boom is probably the original part - a FICO FG.703. My query is should the goose neck part with the long pin going ino the boom at the mast end just pop out or is it held in. Mine does not seem to want to come out and I would like to know if it just stiff or coroded in before I drill the rivets around the end plug or start belting it.

On another note if there are any RLs heading past Noosa or in the area looking for an excuse to get your boat wet - we are trialling Friday Afternoon Gentlemens Sailing over summer starting at 4pm each Friday. All welcome.
RL Mark I or II (I am confused after Robs excellent story)
Nomad15-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Gooseneck
Hi Nomad
I just did the exercise and found that the build up of years corrosion had caused the gooseneck and end plug to seize together. Applying heat from an oxy torch and belting with large tools finally loosend everything up and there was nothing holding the gooseneck pin inside the boom but corrosion.
momad22-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL24 Gooseneck
The current fitting on my boom slides into the mast sail track - and appears to work - I am not certain of the boom history but it looks like it has had a long and varied life - the gooseneck appears to be a heavy duty dingy fitting - I would be interested in getting some photgraphs and details about your boom - my sail may be a mark 4 sail as it is fully battened and looks like the drawing on this web site with no backstay
Ken11-Dec-2005    Edit    Delete 

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