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buying rl28 hull+deck only
is it possible to by a hull and deck only and fit out the rest myself? If so how much? Anyone done it?
jonathan bray6-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
Re: RL28 hull and deck
RL28s have not been built for quite a few years now as Rob Legg retired. Many were purchased as a hull and deck and fitted out by the owners. The factory assisted the owner with parts and advice so the end result is often close to a factory fitte boat. They insisted on fitting major bulkheads and mast steps as these are vital to the intergity of the hull, so you can rely on an owner-built boat being strong, at least.
Keith Merkley7-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL28 hull and deck only
regarding the RL28 boat in kit form please contact me at this dot.com for further details.
Mervyn26-Sep-2001    Edit    Delete 
RL28 in kit form
I am also interested in an RL28 in kit form to complete myself
Robin Badenoch26-Mar-2002    Edit    Delete 

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