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Re: Slot Stopper
I understand the thickest composite plate case gap
I reckon light lexan might also work?
( 3mm thick rubber excrusion used to work well On a Gwen we had years ago)
I plan to run a hem along an edge, fold some glad wrap over the bit in contact with the "attached" plate case side and then glass it on with a few layers of fglass tape and epoxy for a non bulky attachment
When the glass is set I hope I'll be able to put it out of the formed "track" towards the stern( front edge will be captive)
Holding it in at speed but having it replaceable could be done with some contact adhesive thats pretty waterproof but desolvable with some turps.
But let me get this straight, legal for titles but not legal for local class racing? ( might go the medium large tin of adhesive & turps!)
Actually we do put a 15hp on ours for cruising ( they are the same castings as a 8hp - smaller carb/ports) Best we have ever got is 8 knots on the GPS...sails are quicker!
regards wayne
wayne Hill26-Oct-2005  

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