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Survey Requirements
Our RL 28 was born somewhere mid 1980 and has been maintained to 4E NSW Survey requirements since new. The Side Safety wires appear to be the same as every other RL28 that I have seen and are place so that the vertical Gap is 300mm from deck and 300mm between the top and middle wires.

At this survey time (last week) the Waterways surveyor gave me a serve about the Vertical Gap being greater than 250mm as per requirements brought in in 1987. I might add that about 7 surveys have been done by inspectors since this time and nothing has ever been said.

My question is twofold:

1 Does anyone have a decisive argument that I can use to get them to back down as to replace staunchions and wires will be quite expensive.

2 Does anyone have a cost effective suggestion that will meet the requirements.

I have thought about drilling into the Staunchions but this will weaken them considerably. I will place netting across the Pulpit and Pushpit which is easily fixed.

All comments welcome

Rob Roseworne25-Oct-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Survey Requirements
I would write a letter or email to the marine surveyor's manager and ask him to confirm that you are definitely required to upgrade your boats railing system. Explain to him that your boat was constructed to their requirements when built and that you think it is wrong that you are to be financially disadvantaged by unforseen and badly planned changes in government regulations.

If you fail to win on this tack ask them if they would approve your method of compliance by drilling the stanchions and shortening up the wires. I recommend that you drill the stanchions and shorten up the wires and also weld new securing tabs to the push pit and pulpit.

It is a very rare event in the shipping game for a surveyor or a classification society to require an old ship to meet safety requirements that were introduced after the ship was built. Mind you on the other side many people do not realise that if the Titanic had been built to the legislated requirements of the NSW Government of that time there would have been great reduction in loss of life as there would have been enough lifeboats for all.

Alastair Russell4-Nov-2005    Edit    Delete 
Re: Survey Requirements
I am trying to get a Rl28 into charter survey for inshore waters and need cunstruction plans to show the lay up ect to give to the marine board to look at as part of then procedure to get it into survey.If anybody knows where to obtain the plans or know anybody that would know I would be wrapped as I cant get my knew business up and running without them.hopfully somebody can help me out,looking foward to hearing your response.
dale winward22-Oct-2008    Edit    Delete 

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