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Solar Panels
We have an RL24, Mk III. Does anyone have a plan for the wattage, the type of solar panel and its positioning, needed to run our: two interior lights, depth sounder, VHF radio, and anchor light over night. The outboard has no charging capacity.

regards, Robert Winn.

Rob Winn6-Jun-2001    Edit    Delete 
solar panel
To calculate the panel's power and battery capacity, you first need to calculate how many amp hours you will consume. For example a 12 volt lamp that consumes 24 watts draws 2 amps. To light the bulb for one hour will require a battery of at least 2 amp hours (I double this for saftey/reliability). The equation to calculate power consumption for DC circuits is Power (watt) = volts (V) X amps (I). To calculate amps: I=P/V. Add all the current draws together and consider how long each item will be switched on. From here you can estimate amp hours required. Select a battery and panel to suit. (eg 100 ah bat and 55 watt panel. The bigger the panel the better but more expensive. Usually you'll be limited by price (eg 55 watt panel = @ $500 - a lot of bucks/watt!) Dont forget you'll need a voltage regulator between the panel and the battery to avoid overcharging.
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