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Replying to:Mast bend - Dream On previously Dump Truck
I have one of the original race sails that came with my RL24 used in the 89-90 nationals. This sail in top condition (fully batt. Kevlar) so I am using it when racing and am learning how to trim it. It has a lot of roach (goes with blade like jib) and generally goes well up to 18 or so knots controlled by traveller/main sheet but not much vang (Vang downsized by Prev. owner). There is a magic box for adjusting the forestay tension and mast prebend bend. Above 15-18 knots, I find it very hard to flatten the sail fully through the entire length of the leech (i.e. all leach streamers flying or just breaking). It takes constant tweaking with main tension and traveller position. The mast has been sleeved 1m above the shrouds at some time to repair a broken mast. I am thinking of fitting a backstay to give more control over the mast bend. I observed how easy it was to bend the mast when the boom tent was supported by the main halyard and this seams a possible easy fix. Should I up the vang power? Another option short of replacing with a new mast could be a 16'skiff mast. I have located one that may suit only it has a fibreglass-tapered tip. Dose the rl24 class allow this and is this a direction that may be worth exploring? It is budget wise compared to new mast/sails option and I would learn heaps.